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CAMP Activities @ UCSD

Student participation in CAMP activities and events is voluntary, but highly encouraged.

CAMP Summer Research Program

The CAMP Summer Research Program is a 10-week, full-time research experience.

Students work as research assistants on projects that are supervised by a faculty mentor. In addition, students are trained in how to write and present a research paper and receive GRE preparation instruction.

Students receive free on-campus housing and a $3,300 fellowship.

Participants are required to make oral presentations at the UCSD Summer Research Conference and to present their research at the CAMP Statewide Symposium (Winter Quarter of the following academic year).

Students entering their junior and senior level courses with GPAs of 2.7 or above are eligible to apply.

Download the CAMP Summer Research Program application form.

CAMP Statewide Research Symposium

The CAMP Statewide Research Symposium is an annual meeting where CAMP students and Bridge to the Doctorate (BD) graduate students from UC schools have the opportunity to present their research in oral or poster format.

This event brings together students, faculty and staff UC systemwide and provides an excellent opportunity for networking and professional development.

The symposium aims to:

  • Support and encourage undergraduate research with a faculty member
  • Develop student written and oral communication skills
  • Provide a UC systemwide interactive space for faculty and students
  • Foster interest in graduate education, particularly for the Ph.D., and
  • Set national standards for undergraduate research

Symposium dates and materials:

The 2014 CAMP Statewide Undergraduate Research Symposium was held at UC Irvine on February 7–9.

CAMP Statewide Symposium Proceedings and Profiles
The following annual publications profile participants at the annual CAMP statewide Research Symposium, CAMP Alumni, graduate school enrollment/ completion, students' research experiences, etc. 

2012 CAMP Statewide Symposium Proceedings & Profiles to see where UCSD is mentioned/pictured please click here.

2013 CAMP Statewide Symposium Proceedings & Profiles to see where UCSD is mentioned/pictured please click here.

Field trips

Approximately 2-3 times a year, the CAMP Science Program visits a local company, a research institution, or a lab on campus.Students who attend these field trips have the opportunity to meet research scientists, learn the daily operations of the company, and receive a tour of the facilities.

It is never too early to learn what career opportunities are available; therefore, students at all levels are strongly encouraged to attend these field trips.


Throughout the year, informational and skill-building workshops are offered. Topics have included:

  • Study skills and time management
  • Careers in science
  • Resume preparation
  • Graduate school application process
  • Summer research opportunities

Academic year research opportunities

Research opportunities are available through the Faculty Mentor Program to students interested in graduate school, medical school, or scientific careers.

Students work as research assistants in professors' labs for at least 10 hours per week during winter and spring quarters.

Participants are taught how to write a research proposal and paper, and earn 4 units of 199 independent study credit per quarter. At the conclusion of the program, students present their papers at the Faculty Mentor Research Symposium.

This is an excellent opportunity to develop a close working relationship with a faculty member and to get a taste of what it is like to do scientific research.

Juniors and seniors with GPAs of 2.7 or above are eligible to apply.

Coffee and Conversation (C&C) with faculty

This 1 to 1.5-hour event is an informal opportunity for students to meet with a faculty member or another scientist in a relaxed atmosphere.

Conversations take place 2-3 times per year at Art of Espresso coffee cart (near Mandeville Auditorium).

Enjoy your preferred drink and a pastry on CAMP while you chat with the invited speaker who shares with you:

  • His/her research interests
  • Career path
  • Experience as an undergraduate student
  • Graduate school experience
  • Current position and career ladder
  • What it's like to be a professor/scientist, etc.

You are encouraged to ask questions about anything else you would want to discuss or expand on.

Coffee and Conversation (C&C) with grad students

This 1 to 1.5-hour event is an informal opportunity for students to meet with current graduate students in a relaxed atmosphere.

Conversations take place 1-3 times a year at Art of Espresso coffee cart (near Mandeville Auditorium).

Enjoy your preferred drink and a pastry (paid for by CAMP) while you chat with a graduate student who shares his/her academic path, graduate school experience, life experiences, research interests, etc.

You are encouraged to ask questions throughout the conversation.

Study Break Dinners (SBD)

This is a social event which takes place once per academic quarter.

During this event, students enjoy some food (provided by CAMP), play games, participate in raffles, and learn about upcoming events and opportunities. There may also be short research presentations by fellow CAMP students or informational presentations offered by faculty and/or staff.

This event provides a relaxed atmosphere for CAMP students to meet each other and to exchange information.

Book Lending Program (BLP)

This program is designed to foster collaboration among CAMP members and to possibly spare participating members the expense of purchasing textbooks.

A master list of "available" books is updated quarterly. CAMP students stop by the office during designated hours 5th week of each quarter.

CAMP Leadership Prize

Students who have a 2.5 GPA (cumulative) or higher and who have been active CAMP participants for the 2014-2015 academic year (including summer 2015) are eligible to apply for the CAMP Leadership Prize.

Students who win this prize will have the option to select one of several combinations (see application for details).

Selecting a prize winner

  1. I look at your CAMP involvement throughout the entire year (including current involvement such as 2015 CAMP Summer Research Program)
  2. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you are encouraged to apply for this award, even if you graduated in Fall 2014 or Winter 2015
  3. You are still eligible to apply even if you received this award during the 2011-2012, 2012-2013 and/or 2013-2014 academic years

How to apply

  • If you are interested in applying, please print a CAMP Leadership Prize application, fill it out, scan it and e-mail it to me or bring it to the AEP office.
  • You must e-mail Jacquie the answers to Part 1 of the application for your application to be complete.
  • Applications deadline is Monday, July 6, 2015, but you are encouraged to apply ASAP.