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These resources can help you maintain academic integrity and meet your professors' expectations.

Remember that these sites and materials may not be well suited to your particular class or situation. Whenever you have questions or doubts, always talk to your teaching assistant or instructor. The secret to maintaining academic integrity is honesty and transparency at all times.

Improving your academic skills

College isn't just about learning content, but developing skill sets that will prove valuable at UCSD and beyond. One reason college graduates fare better in the workforce is because they develop the self-discipline and work habits valued by employers.

Seeking out legitimate help

If you need help with your studies, first ask your teaching assistant or instructor. 

Second, use UCSD tutoring and study programs. Be wary of relying too heavily on your friend, roommate, study partner, or paid non-UCSD tutors to "help" you with your academic work — if you do, make sure they're tutoring you rather than giving you the answers.

Understanding citation and attribution rules

When you use the words or ideas of others (whether a written or oral source, a formal literary authority, or your mom), you should cite the source of those words and ideas by attributing them to the person from whom they originated. 

This is about transparency — if you neglect to do this, you're presenting the words and ideas as if they're your own, and that's called plagiarism.

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Contact the Academic Integrity Office, (858) 822-2163.