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Academic Integrity Seminar

Learn what to expect from the academic integrity seminar.

Students who have violated the academic integrity policy may be assigned to attend the Academic Integrity Seminar to hone their knowledge and skills in ethics and integrity.

About the seminar:

  • Undergraduates are assigned to the seminar by their college dean of student affairs; grad students are assigned by the assistant dean of the Graduate Division.
  • Seminars consist of 2 separate large group meetings (30-40 students), two one-on-one meetings with a peer educator and multiple assignments to facilitate your learning
  • Read an Academic Integrity Seminar syllabus (PDF) to learn how the seminar is structured, what you'll learn, and what assignments you'll complete.
  • Contact the Academic Integrity Office for the current Academic Integrity Seminar schedule.

What Past Students Have Said About Seminar:

“It was welcoming that our individual cases were not brought up and that we were clearly here to discuss and learn about Academic Integrity & not just as punishment. The openness and friendly discussions were good.”

“I really appreciated the instructor's and TA's objectiveness and how they connected to the students. They weren't strictly 'by-the-rules' in that they considered arguments both for and against the rules of the university. I thought it widened my perspective about academic integrity.”

“I liked the way the instructor felt comfortable with the students an asked us to participate. That played a major role in my understanding.”

“I honestly thought the seminar would be boring and I was pleasantly surprised at how engaging it was and how friendly the instructor and peer educators were. I immediately felt like I could talk to them. The seminar made me think of things in ways I had never approached before.”