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Freshman Seminars

If you're a first-year freshman with freshman or sophomore standing, you can take a freshman seminar.

Seminars feature:

  • Classes that meet 8 to 10 hours during a quarter
  • A small class of 20 students who are excited to learn about the topic
  • One unit of P/NP credit, which eliminates the pressures of achieving a letter grade
  • Exclusive enrollment for first-year freshmen
  • New or different seminars each quarter

Note: You can complete no more than 4 seminars during your college career, and none of the seminars can be repeated. Seminars do not apply toward your department or college requirements.

Link to current dates and offerings on the Academic Affairs website.

In a seminar, you are expected to:

  • Attend regularly, as participation is part of the seminar experience
  • Share ideas during discussions
  • Spend 1 to 2 hours per week outside class on reading, projects, short papers, or quiz preparation

Find out how to enroll in a 1-unit freshman seminar (course number 87).

If you have questions, contact: