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Senior Seminars

Seniors, 1-unit seminars provide a unique learning experience in a dynamic environment.

  • Classes that meet 8 to 10 hours during a quarter (usually once a week)
  • A small class of 20 students who are excited to learn about the topic
  • One unit of P/NP credit, which eliminates the pressures of achieving a letter grade
  • New or different seminars each quarter

Note: You can complete no more than 4 seminars during your college career, and none of the seminars can be repeated. Prerequisites apply, and a department stamp is required for all seminars.

Link to current seminar offerings on the Academic Affairs website.

In a seminar, you are expected to:

  • Attend regularly, as participation and attendance are important factors in the learning process
  • Participate in any required readings, projects, short papers, or quizzes
  • Complete at least 1 to 2 hours of related work per week outside of the seminar

Learn how to enroll in a 1-unit senior seminar (course number 192).