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How to Enroll in Classes at Other UC Campuses (Undergraduate Simultaneous Enrollment)

If you are a current UCSD student, you can enroll in a class at another UC campus without additional fees or applying for admission, subject to available space and campus approval. This process is known as "simultaneous enrollment."

In the right place? For information on the Intercampus Visitor (ICV) program please visit the website or contact the Registrar's Office, (858) 534-3150.

  1. Find out if you qualify.

    Note: Financial aid is available only through UCSD. Units taken at both campuses may be combined to establish full-time enrollment for financial aid purposes.

  2. You must:

    • Complete one quarter at UCSD as a matriculated student.
    • Maintain 12 units at UCSD in the current term.
    • Be in good academic standing.
    • Be prepared academically (e.g. complete course prerequisites, etc.) as determined by the host campus.
    • Meet with your college and department advisors.

    Note: Be sure to read the Policies and Procedures for Simultaneous Enrollment.

  3. Download and complete the application.

    1. Download the Undergraduate Application for Simultaneous UC Enrollment (PDF).
    2. Fill out the application completely, including your intended classes at the host campus.
    3. Sign the application.
  4. Obtain the required signatures.

    1. Take the form to your major department for your advisor's approval.
    2. Take the form to your college advisor for approval.
  5. Submit your application.

    1. Hand deliver the form to:
      Registrar's Office, Student Services Center (map)
      Due to the evolving situation surrounding COVID-19, our office is closed. If you need to reach us, please email registrar@ucsd.edu

    2. Mail the form to:
      UC San Diego
      Office of the Registrar
      9500 Gilman Drive #0022
      La Jolla, CA 92093-0022
    3. The program coordinator will send the form to the other campus for approval.
  6. Wait for approval.

    1. You will be notified by the Registrar's Office if your application has been approved by both campuses.