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Current Peer Educators

Meet the 2013-2014 CSI - Communication and Leadership Peer Educators:

Eva HaEva Ha

Eva Ha is currently a fourth year Human Development major proudly representing Sixth College. She aspires to become a nurse practitioner after her time at UCSD and is currently doing hospice volunteer work. Eva believes that communication plays a vital role in our everyday interactions, and became a Peer Educator to advance her professional and personal development, communication, and leadership skills. When not dedicating her time to academics, Eva seeks amusement in outdoor activities, such as sports and hiking, or attempting to accomplish goals listed on her bucket-list. 

Evelyn NashEvelyn Nash

Evelyn Nash is a second year majoring in Political Science. After taking the Professional Communication seminar, Evelyn fell in love with the program and was inspired to become a Peer Educator in order to share all of the fantastic opportunities Communication and Leadership provides. Evelyn applies what she has learned from the program both in her sorority (Chi Omega) and Warren College Student Council. Evelyn enjoys the outdoors, traveling, baking, and exploring San Diego with friends.

Jane KangJane Kang

Jane Kang is a second year Political Science Major in Sixth College.She is excited to be working with the Peer Educator team this year and hopes to create a fun, hard-working, and rewarding environment for her peers. In the future, Jane sees herself pursuing a career in law, government, or the non-profit sector. In the mean time, she plans on sharing the time and experience she has with those around her. "A lot of people are putting such great work, time, and energy into the Center for Student Involvement, and I'm grateful to be a part of this team!" 

Rose PierRose Pier

Rose Pier is currently a fifth year chemical engineering student. After completing the Professional Communication seminar, Rose decided to participate in the CSI- Communication and Leadership Peer Educator program to gain more valuable skills and to encourage other students to seek out this program. Aside from school, Rose enjoys traveling and sightseeing.


Sophia ZhangSophia Zhang

Sophia Zhang is currently a third year Applied Math major at Revelle College. After finishing the iLead program last year, she decided to become a Peer Educator to further her leadership and communication skills and make more friends. Sophia is now working in the Math Department at UCSD as a grader. During leisure time, she enjoys doing volunteer work such as tutoring kids. She loves food, traveling with friends, and watching movies.

Vanessa MontesVanessa Montes

Vanessa Montes is currently a fourth year Communication major and Studio Art minor at Muir College. Vanessa’s participation in the Interpersonal Relationships seminar and ilead program have developed her professionalism and communication skills. Vanessa decided to become a Peer Educator to continue to build her level of professionalism and exercise her networking abilities. Vanessa is an active member in Hermanas Unidas, Muir Environmental Corps., and Color of Healing Art Therapy. In her spare time, Vanessa enjoys engaging in community service as well as drawing, skimming through magazines, listening to music, and watching romantic comedies. Vanessa believes in hard work, perseverance, and helping others along the way.

Veronica LinVeronica Lin - Lead Peer Educator

Veronica Lin is a fourth year Chinese Studies/Sociology double major and Psychology minor at Muir College. Her involvement in CSI-Communication and Leadership began with the Triton Success Program and after two years as a Peer Educator, Veronica decided to take on the challenge of becoming Lead. She looks forward to working with the incredibly diverse and gifted group of Peers and hopes to give back, even if just a little, what she has received in the past three years. Although the future after UCSD remains unclear, Veronica hopes to continue in an occupation that is both personally fulfilling and beneficial to the greater community. In her free time she enjoys cooking, being in nature, practicing yoga, and photography. 

Yulin LiuYulin Liu

Yulin Liu is a third year student from Marshall college majoring in Psychology. As an international student from China, Yulin wants to get more involved on campus, and she hopes that more international students can take advantage of this program. Yulin loves watching all kinds of TV series, including Grey's Anatomy, and Friends. She is also looking forward to playing tennis with new people. Her experience of working in Pines Dining Hall and mentoring elementary school students motivated her to minor in business and math education. Not yet sure of her career goals, Yulin hopes that she can find her passion through all kinds of activities in the following two years in college.


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