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2019 MEDS Pre-Pharm Schedule & Info

Below is 2019 Pre-Pharm Schedule.

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SESSION 1 [9:40-10:30am]

Pharmacy Phun @ Skaggs School of Pharmacy

Pharmacists are no longer being limited to filling prescriptions. Often they must be able to take a blood pressure, listen for heart rates, provide immunizations, and more. This workshop will take students through some of the hands-on training that real pharmacy students are exposed to—and is led by Skaggs School of Pharmacy professors and pharmacy students who can also provide advice and background on UCSD’s renowned school of pharmacy.

SESSION 2 [10:40am-11:30am]

Behind the Scenes: Pharmacy Admissions + Student Panel

Find out everything you need to know about getting into pharmacy school -- what schools require, qhat they like to see in students, how you can boost your application. This comprehensive workshop is led by the director of admissions at UCSD Skaggs School of Pharmacy, and will give you an excellent opportunity to ask the experrts all of those important questions.

SESSION 3 [11:40-12:30pm]

Beyond the Counter: Career Opportunities for Pharmacists

There is much more to pharmacy than simply filling prescriptions. Many pharmacists work in hospitals, clinics and other locations where they can interact more directly with patients and medical personnel. Roughly 60% of UCSD Pharmacy graduates work in environments outside of drug stores -- and in this workshop you will learn about the array of career possibilities available for pharmacists.

SESSION 4 [12:40-1:30pm]


A catered lunch for students and speakers—a perfect opportunity to network and mingle!


SESSION 5 [1:40-2:20pm]

Application Essentials for Future Pharmacists

What you need to know to be prepared to apply for pharmacy school: how to get clinical experience, prerequisites, the PCAT, letters of recommendation, your personal statement and interviews. Get answers to your questions and resources for learning more!

SESSION 6 [2:30-3:10pm]

Clinical Exposure and How to Get It

Students applying to medical school are expected to have significant clinical experience — and volunteering in a hospital during high school doesn’t count. Find out what medical schools expect when they say “clinical experience” and learn about some of the best ways to get it in the San Diego area.

Study Abroad as an Undergraduate

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience, but did you know that it can also enhance your application? Health professional schools value students with cultural competence. Come learn about the many wonderful opportunities there are to embark on an adventure and grow in your understanding of the world.

Telling Your Story: Writing a Personal Statement

Personal statements carry a lot of weight during the admissions process for health professional schools — it's your one chance to tell the admission committees who you are, how you are different from other candidates, and why you would make a great addition to their school. This is a special workshop on how to start writing your personal statement — what you should include, what not to do, how to structure your essay, and more.

Funding Your Future

It is no secret that health professional schools are expensive, and so is applying. Money should never discourage students from pursuing their dream, because there are options available. Uncover the different financial resources and programs available to students, as well as learn information that pre-health students can use now.

Preparing for the MMI: Practice Makes Perfect

Did you know that many health professional schools now use the MMI (Multiple Mini Interview)? Don’t let it scare you because this workshop has you covered! In this interactive session, you will learn what the MMI is, how you will be evaluated, and how to prepare. You will also get a chance to practice with your peers!

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