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Guidelines for Students with Third-Party Sponsorships

A sponsored student is a registered student who requires UC San Diego to bill an outside sponsor for tuition and fees while attending the University.


  • Third-Party Sponsor (or Sponsor): An entity (a domestic or foreign company, state, government, or embassy), not related to the student, that has set up special billing arrangements to cover all or a portion of tuition and other mandatory fees for the UC San Diego student that it sponsors.
  • Sponsored Student (or Student): The UCSD student who needs to bill an outside sponsor for tuition and fees.

Initiating the third-party billing process

First, the Sponsored Student must bring a letter from the Sponsor to Student Business Services. The sponsorship letter must be on an official letterhead, and must contain the following information:

  1. Student's full name
  2. Student's UC San Diego PID (student ID number)
  3. Beginning date and ending date of the sponsorship (one academic year)
  4. Type of fees covered (tuition, health insurance, etc.)
  5. Third-Party Sponsor’s billing address, e-mail address, website, and telephone number
  6. Third-Party Sponsor's Tax Identification number (if located in the United States)

The student must submit to Student Business Services the sponsorship authorization letter and a completed Sponsor Direct Billing Authorization form (PDF).

Student's responsibilities

  • To avoid late fees and financial holds, the student must ensure that the University receives the following items from the Sponsor prior to the beginning of the quarter or year of sponsorship:

The student is responsible for reviewing charges billed to the Sponsor and payments made by the Sponsor. If the Sponsor does not cover the total charges, it is the student’s responsibility to pay any balances owed.

  • Non-payment by the Sponsor becomes an immediate liability to and the responsibility of the student. Students should be aware that they are ultimately responsible for any defaults in payments by the sponsoring third-party agency.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to know the duration of the sponsorship. The University will not notify a student when sponsorship has expired.
  • If questions arise concerning conditions or non-payment of tuition by the sponsorship, the student should contact the Sponsor, not UC San Diego.

Sponsor's responsibilities

By signing the Sponsor Authorization form, the Sponsor agrees to these terms and conditions:

  • Third-Party Sponsors agree to abide by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), and not disclose student information to others without the express written approval of the student. 
  • If the Sponsor’s authorization letter is not received prior to the tuition due date, the student is responsible for payment of tuition and any late payment fees.
  • UC San Diego's third-party billing statement will provide the student’s name, PIN number, breakdown of charges by fee type, dollar amount and an invoice number. Unfortunately, UC San Diego cannot modify its standard invoicing.
  • Sponsor payment must be received for the current term in order for students to be eligible to continue enrollment in subsequent terms.
  • If for any reason the Third-Party Sponsor does not pay the billing statement invoice within the allotted time or by the due date posted on the invoice, the student will be liable for full payment of all charges incurred and late payment fees.
  • Payment is due by the date indicated on the statement of account. If payment is not received within 30 days of the billing date:
    • A late payment fee of $25 per student will be assessed,
    • A notice of nonpayment will be sent to the student, and
    • A hold will be placed on the student's record that prevents transcript release and registration.
  • Payments can be made either by a check made payable to UC Regents, or as a wire transfer. Contact Student Business Service for specific wire transfer instructions.
  • Sponsor should only make payment from UC San Diego's invoice, not the student’s bill.
  • Third-Party Sponsors with a past-due balance may have billing privileges terminated until they are brought into “Good Standing."
  • Students should be aware that they are ultimately responsible for any defaults in payments by the sponsoring third-party agency.

University's responsibilities to Student

After Student Business Services receives the completed forms (sponsorship letter and Sponsor Direct Billing Authorization form):

  • Student Business Services (SBS) reviews the forms, and an SBS representative begins the verification process on the Third-Party Sponsor to certify eligible students.
  • After verification, SBS informs the Third-Party Sponsor of the terms and conditions of contract with UC San Diego.
  • If the forms are submitted prior to the beginning of the quarter or year of sponsorship, the third-party credit will be applied to the covered expenses in time to avoid late payment fees on the student's account.
  • SBS will invoice the Sponsor for authorized charges each quarter.

Still have questions?

Contact Student Business Services, (858) 822-4727, or e-mail studentbusiness@ucsd.edu.

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