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Triton Registration Installment Plan (TRIP): FAQ

Read questions and answers on this page to learn more about TRIP.

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How will I know if TRIP is applied to my account?

You will receive an confirmation e-mail when TRIP is applied to your account.

Can I apply if I have a hold on my account?

Holds must be addressed and removed in order for TRIP to be applied to your account.

Can I sign up for TRIP if I am a financial aid recipient?

Yes. TRIP is great for students who are expecting a late award, or for those that do not recieve enough aid to pay for all of their fees.

When are installments due?

Installments follow the posted billing due dates.

How much will my installments be?

Follow these steps to calculate your installments:

  1. Combine all of your student registration fees, including your college activity fee and your health insurance fee, if applicable.
  2. Your first installment will equal 1/3 of this total, plus the $40 TRIP quarterly application fee. 
  3. The remaining 2/3 of your total registration fees will be billed in two equal installments during the quarter.

How can I cancel TRIP?

If you would like to cancel TRIP mid-quarter, please contact TRIP. Please include your name, student PID number, and that you would like to cancel the current quarter's TRIP installments. If you would like to cancel future TRIP installments, please go to TRIP online. Please note that if TRIP has already been applied to your account for the current quarter, the application fee is non-refundable

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