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About E-Check

Learn about E-Check, the payment process that allows you to pay your student bills electronically from your personal checking account.

As a UCSD student, you can go to the Billing and Payment tool to make E-Check payments. You can also authorize a parent or other payer to make E-Check payments.

Only your personal checking account will work with E-Check.

Set up your E-Check profile

You can store your account information as a payment profile so you won't have to re-enter it each time you use E-Check. To create a payment profile:

  • Locate your bank's ABA routing number and your checking account number at the bottom of your checks.
  • Create your account profile while you're making a payment, or by using E-Check Payment Tools.

Pay your bill

With E-Check, you can choose to pay either of these amounts:

  • Last statement amount, the amount shown on your last billing statement
  • Current balance, an updated account balance that includes your last statement amount and any adjustments since the last billing date

Make payments for another amount, or for a specific charge, through the Cashier's Office.

E-Check costs

  • 50-cent service fee for each transaction, added to the payment amount deducted from your checking account
  • $2 fee for transactions returned due to an invalid account number
  • $35 returned check fee for transactions returned due to insufficient funds


E-Check uses the latest security technologies, including Secure Sockets Layer software, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and database level encryption technology. Information is stored on secure computers located in a biometrically locked data center.