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Student Account Refunds

Learn how to obtain a refund for credits on your student account.


When a refund is due to a student on the student's account, it is issued DIRECTLY to the STUDENT, regardless of who made the payment. Please refer to Privacy of Your Financial Records.

Financial aid refunds

Financial aid credit is automatically refunded to you. Look for the automatic financial aid refund at the start of the quarter, after all fees are paid.

  • If your financial aid arrives mid-quarter, the refund will be generated in 5-7 days.
  • If you are not enrolled for Direct Deposit, financial aid refunds are issued as paper checks that are mailed to your current mailing address. Be sure to check your on campus mailbox if applicable. 
  • If a credit has been in your account for more than 5 days, e-mail refunds@ucsd.edu to ask about the status.
  • If your account has changed due to part-time status or withdrawal, your financial aid package may have been adjusted and your refund could be delayed. See Withdrawal Info for Financial Aid and Loan Recipients.

Housing refunds

To inquire about a housing refund, please contact Housing Administrative Services at (858) 534-4010, or e-mail housinginfo@ucsd.edu.

Check or cash overpayment refunds

A credit balance on your account will be used to pay any future charges, OR you can request a refund by e-mailing refunds@ucsd.edu.

  • Refunds of check or cash overpayments must be requested by and issued to the STUDENT, regardless of who made the payment.
  • Cash and check overpayments are held in your account until there is no activity in the account for 12 months. An automatic refund will then be initiated.
  • Refunds of less than $20 are not automatically refunded. Submit your refund request to Student Financial Solutions by e-mailing refunds@ucsd.edu.
  • Account credits of less than $20 remain in your student account for 12 months, and are then removed from the system.
  • Credit Card overpayments of any dollar amount will remain on your account for up to 90 days from the date of payment. The overpayment will either; be applied to any future charges that may be incurred before it reaches 90 days old or will be automatically refunded to the card from which the payment originated after it reaches 90 days old.

How to request a refund

Contact Student Financial Solutions: (858) 822-4727, or e-mail refunds@ucsd.edu.

  • Include your full name and PID with your request.
  • If you paid by personal check, the University's guideline is to wait 21 days before issuing a refund. This period is determined by the transaction date (not the date on the check), and does not apply to cash payments, money orders, or cashier's checks.

Receive your funds by direct deposit:

  • Funds are deposited within 3 business days.
  • Enroll in direct deposit at any time. It takes 10 business days to establish your enrollment.
  • Note: If Direct Deposit is not available, refunds are issued as a paper check that are mailed to your current mailing address and are subject to mailing time. Please keep all mailing addresses current.