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Financial Literacy Resources

Visit websites, watch videos, and view other resources to learn financial life management skills.

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Financial literacy and money management websites

  • What Are the Four LifeValues? Smart About Money provides a different way to assess your money values by looking at four categories of human values and how these “LifeValues” influence your habits and thoughts about money.
  • LifeValues Quiz: After you learn a little bit about the four categories of “LifeValues”, take the LifeValues Quiz.
  • Money Personality Quiz: What is your money personality? Are you a Hoarder, Spender, Money Monk, Avoider, or Amasser? Take the Money Personality Quiz and find out.
  • 30-Steps to Financial Wellness: April is the official National Financial Literacy Month. Challenge yourself and your friends to complete the 30-step path to financial wellness.
  • Managing Money During College: Not sure how to handle your finances and student aid (grants, scholarships, loans, work-study) while you’re in school?
  • Cashcourse: Your Real-Life Money Guide: This website provides you online personal finance tools.
  • Smart About Money: Financial Management Planning Tools: This is a non-profit organization committed to educating people on a broad range of financial topics and empowering them to make positive and sound decisions to reach their financial goals.
  • IGrad: Financial Literacy and Career Resources: Find out about different financial literacy topics and online tools using this website.
  • GradSense Financial Tools: Budget calculator, job tips, helpful links and find out how much student debt makes sense for your degree.
  • NACE Salary Calculator: Find out how much money you can expect to make after you graduate based on your location, experience and education. Just remember that you should be looking at the starting salary, and not the median or the top.
  • Nerd Wallet Cost of Living Calculator: Want to see how much more/less it will cost to live in a city when you graduate? Check out this calculator.
  • FlexScore: This site provides a score based on your current financial literacy experience.
  • Mint: See where your money goes.
  • NextAdvisor: This site helps compare different types of credit.
  • Spendster: This site shows ways you can save money.
  • Feed the Pig: Tips and interactive tools for savings.
  • Khan Academy Better Money Habits: Well-produced personal finance lessons on any topic.
  • Identity Theft Resource Center: Do you need help with an identity theft problem? Have a question on what you can do to protect yourself? This site can provide you with one-on-one assistance for all types of identity theft for free.
  • San Diego Financial Literacy Center: This non-profit organization provides financial literacy videos and workshops through on-site community events to San Diego County residents on a variety of topics. One-on-one, confidential financial consultations and budget analysis are available. Check out their upcoming events.

Financial literacy and money management videos

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