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CASP OASIS Learning Communitites (OLCs)


All incoming Chancellor's Associates Scholars that have completed the OASIS Transition Summer Bridge Program are required to enroll in OLCs.

About OLC Seminars

OASIS Learning Communities (OLCs) are one-hour learning community seminars that give students an opportunity to engage themselves with peers on topics ranging from transitioning into college, to utilizing on campus resources, and other concerns. The seminars provide a consistent, small group of individuals that can provide a network of support while also bridging the gap between academic and social lives. OLCs are open to first-time Summer Bridge freshman students. CASP students who completed Summer Bridge are asked to enroll in a CASP-specific OLC.

During Fall Quarter 2016, students will enroll in the CASP course only (EDS 50 & 150). During Winter and Spring Quarter 2017, students will enroll in the OLC Seminars. As a reminder, OLCs are only required and open to first-time freshmen students who completed Summer Bridge.

Dates & Times

Spring 2017 Quarter

Below you can find the Spring Quarter 2017 Schedule for the OLC seminars to learn more about what these spaces will encompass:

Day Time Location Instructor Mentor(s) Syllabus
Tuesday 10:00 - 10:50 AM SSC #300 Ria Rodriguez Nikkie Ella Click Here
Friday 10:00 - 10:50 AM OASIS #333 Belinda Zamacona Stephanie Nunes & Erick Ramirez Click Here
Friday 11:00 - 11:50 AM OASIS #356 Ramon Stephens Erick Ramirez TBA
Friday 12:00 - 12:50 PM OASIS #356 Ramon Stephens Laura Gonzalez TBA
Friday 12:00 - 12:50 PM OASIS #368 Karen Van Ness Nadia Link Click Here
  • Week 1:   NO OLC 
  • Week 2:  Welcome Back to OLC & Community Building
  • Week 3: Interviewing Skills
  • Week 4: Stress Management & Sustaining Self-Care
  • Week 5:  Mid-Quarter Academic Self Check-In and Planning for Summer
  • Week 6:   Reflections of First Year
  • Week 7:   No OLC
  • Week 8:   No OLC
  • Week 9:   No OLC
  • Week 10: No OLC
  • Academic Advising Requirement: Don't forget to meet with your College academic advisor at least twice/quarter!

Community Guidelines:

Community Guidelines are guidelines that are made to create a safe space within the OLC. Each OLC has a different set of community guidelines, and the list is always changing! 

Here are OLC #11's community guidelines

  • Be Respectful (Attack the idea, not the individual) - those that share ideas should be respected and if need be the idea should be broken down, not the individual
  • Listen to each other - respect includes active listening. Students must show full attention to their OLC leaders as well as their peers.
  • One mic, one start - When someone else is speaking there should be no one else speaking.
  • Embrace the silence - Silence is ok! Everyone processes information differently and this needs to be respected. 
  • "I" Statements - Be accountable for what you say. Students should not assume for their peers or other groups. 
  • Inclusive Language - Practice inclusive language for all the various identities.
  • Vegas Rule - Whatever is said in the space stays in the space. However, whatever is learned in the space leaves it!
  • Lean into your discomfort - Practice trying to challenge yourself to share or contribute to the OLC. Everyone is part of this learning community! 
  • Have fun! - Self explanatory :) 

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