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Learn about spiritual wellness coaching and other services provided by the Center for Ethics and Spirituality.

Spiritual wellness coaching

Students, faculty, and staff of UC San Diego have the opportunity to sit down with a spiritual wellness coach first to assess areas they have identified in which they would like to increase their spiritual wellness and then to develop a plan to make it happen.

We recommend that people seeking spiritual wellness coaching subsequently meet monthly with a wellness coach to evaluate how they are doing and to make any desired adjustments to their personal plan.

Our spiritual wellness coaches listen with humility, patience, and a readiness to understand and respond in new ways. Each coach — being a listener, having a rich spiritual life, and recognizing her or his own humanity — accepts those we accompany for who they are, without moralizing or enabling practices that impede spiritual wellness.

We respect the outcome of each person’s spiritual journey, support them spiritually without seeking to impose our own will and our own preferences, and are here at your service — this is about you, not us.

Whether it’s for an initial consultation or it’s a follow-up session, make an appointment with a spiritual wellness coach today.

Note: We recognize that there are several dimensions to well-being and thus spiritual wellness coaches may encourage those we accompany to Counseling and Psychological Services as part of the integrated development of each person.