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Faculty: Becoming a Mentor

Faculty members, find out how the Faculty Mentor Program for student undergraduate research works and how to participate.

Get started

Fill out the Faculty Application Form.

Program expectations

Students are required to:

  • Take 4 units of independent study (199) credit Winter and Spring Quarters,
  • Work a minimum of 10 hours a week on their projects for those two Quarters,
  • Turn in a research proposal at the end of Winter Quarter,
  • Present at the Faculty Mentor Program (FMP) Symposium Week Nine of Spring Quarter, and
  • Turn in a research paper at the end of the Spring Quarter.

You should plan for one hour a week of contact with your student. Undergraduates are not ready-made research assistants. They need to be prepared for the work they are to perform through assigned readings and training in relevant research techniques. It is highly recommended that a student should have already taken some coursework in the area of your project.

Students selection

  • The Faculty Mentor Program can provide matching services for faculty or on-campus labs looking for undergraduates. Just let us know your requirements such as GPA, work hours, lab experience, classes taken, etc. as well as a description of the research you/your lab is conducting
  • If you are not currently working on a research project but would like to work with an undergraduate who is working on his/her own project, just let us know what kinds of projects you could supervise and what you would require of your students
  • If you already have a student and would like to participate, you can put them in touch with our offices, and we will help them fill out the necessary paperwork
  • If you have a cohort of students in a program, you can coordinate your program with the Faculty Mentor Program. Contact Academic Enrichment Programs at aep@ucsd.edu for more information. Academic Enrichment Programs is always looking to develop new programs to encourage undergraduate research.