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Find Faculty Mentor Program forms and resources to submit your application and participate in the program.

FMP forms:

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Writing resources & guides

sponsor/fmp/FMP Student Brochure.pdfFMP writing guides:

UC San Diego writing resources:

Poster resources

AEP logo

Please use the AEP logo on your poster: 

Poster creation tips and examples

Poster dynamics

  • The maximum dimension of the board is 48″ high by 70″ wide
  • The average poster is usually 36″ high by 48″ wide
  • The minimum poster size is 24″ high by 36″ wide
  • Choose a landscape (horizontal) orientation for your poster
  • The poster will be attached using clips and tape
  • Stick with a light, durable poster material
  • Posters may be made out of poster board with information attached, or they can be printed (printed posters are more visually appealing)

Poster templates

Poster printing tips

  • Dan Clark has excellent instructions on how to print a poster at UCSD
  • You can also go to ScantechImprints, or Replica. These may be priced higher than Educational Technology Services, but they will help you set up your file to make sure there are no printing mistakes. FedEx Kinko’s is a more expensive option.
  • If your mentor, department, or lab are paying to print your poster, Educational Technology Services and Imprints can take UCSD recharge payments.
  • Be sure to print early! It takes a few days for the poster to be completed.

Applying to medical & graduate schools

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