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Students and faculty mentors post with poster, FMP Symposium 2016

See quotes from students and faculty about UC San Diego's Faculty Mentor Program.

What students are saying about the program...

"This program really allows students access to faculty which leads to professional relationships and increased learning. The intensity of the requirements for the program offer a view of the graduate and professional worlds. It has really been a great experience - I have truly realized what I want to study and perhaps follow as a career."

"I learned so much more in this program that I could have ever dreamed of learning in school. Nothing will ever replace the Faculty Mentor Program for me!"

"This program enables undergraduates to get research experience, make contacts with faculty, gives us a taste of the field we may choose to enter, and really provides a great amount of students. The program keeps us informed and provides us with a sense of direction. This experience should be mandatory in the curriculum. Thank you for your efforts."

What faculty are saying about the program...

"This is a wonderful program. I feel privileged to participate in it."

"I must say my student has been a joy to work with. She is sincere, productive, and truly interested in her work. I thank the program for sending such an outstanding student. Keep up the good work!"

"I think the program is very well designed and run. I will be happy to take FMP students in the future."