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Plan Your First Quarter Schedule (Freshmen)

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Follow these steps to plan your class schedule for your first quarter:

  • In August, you'll be able to review your college advisor’s recommendation for your first quarter schedule. They will e-advise you through the New Student Site.

  • Refer to the UCSD General Catalog section on Courses/Curricula to review the requirements for your major and determine the order in which they must be completed.

  • Check your academic department/program website for additional advising information including a projected full-year course schedule.

  • Explore your college website to begin familiarizing yourself with General Education requirements and other college-specific information.

  • Take a limited number of courses during your first quarter.Watch the online WebReg tutorial. You will use WebReg to enroll in classes during August for fall quarter and throughout your time at UCSD.

    • College advisors typically recommend you enroll in 12–16 units (three to four 4-unit courses).
    • A minimum of 12 units per quarter is required to be considered full-time and eligible for financial aid.
    • Part-time registration must meet certain criteria and requires an application.

  • Use the Enrollment Checklist to help you navigate the enrollment process.

    • Note that the 2-pass enrollment system you will use in future quarters does not apply to your first-quarter registration. You're allowed to enroll and/or wait-list in up to a total of 19.5 units until the first day of classes.