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Meet the Staff

Find names and contact information for staff members who work at UC San Diego's Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services (OASIS).

Patrick Velasquez

Dr. Patrick Velasquez
OASIS Director

  • Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, and family is from Central Mexico
  • BS Social Work, MS Education and Ph.D. Higher Education
  • At OASIS since 1989

Agustin Orozco
OASIS Assistant Director

  • Originally from East Los Angeles, CA
  • Summer Bridge 1988 alumnus 
  • BA Spanish Literature and MA in Ed./Multicultural Counseling
  • At OASIS since 1997
Patsy O'Connor

Patsy O’Connor
OASIS HR and Fund Manager

  • Originally from Guam
  • Attended Southwestern Community College
  • At OASIS since 1981

Berenice Jau
TRiO SSSP Director

  • Originally from National City, CA
  • Summer Bridge 1994 alumna
  • BA Sociology, MA Education
  • At OASIS since 2010

Mandy Lucas 
Summer Bridge Coordinator 

  • Originally from Coachella, CA 
  • TRiO SSSP 2006 alumna 
  • BA Ethnic Studies, Minor Economics, MS Multicultural Counseling 
  • At OASIS since 2016
Danika Garcia

Danika J. Garcia
MSTP Coordinator 

  • Originally from San Diego, CA
  • BS Marine Biology, MA Environmental Conservation Education
  • At OASIS since 2015
Angela Kong

Dr. Angela Kong

Language Arts Tutorial Services Coordinator

  • Originally from San Francisco
  • B.A. in Psychology, M.A. in Counseling, M.A. in Ethnic Studies, Ph.D. in Ethnic Studies
  • SJSU TRiO SSSP and McNair Scholar alumna
  • At OASIS since 2016

Haydee Cervantes Salazar
2Excel Program Coordinator

  • Originally from Los Angeles, CA
  • Summer Bridge 2003 alumna
  • BA Political Science, Minor International Migration Studies 
  • At OASIS since 2016

Michelle Lara 
TRiO SSSP Assistant Director

  • Originally from North County San Diego 
  • BA Psychology, MS Multicultural Counseling
  • At OASIS since 2016

Margarita Lopez
Summer Bridge Assistant Coordinator

  • Originally from San Diego, CA
  • Summer Bridge 2008 alumna 
  • BA Sociology, Minor International Migration Studies, MA Social Work 
  • At OASIS since 2016
brian crie

Brian Crie
MSTP Assistant Coordinator

  • Originally from San Diego, CA
  • BS Chemical Engineering
  • At OASIS since 2014

Sabrina Tucker 
MSTP Math Subject Coordinator 

  • Originally from Moreno Valley, CA
  • BA General Biology 
  • Summer Bridge 2011 alumna
  • At OASIS since 2016 


Alexander Ty 
MSTP Physics Subject Coordinator 

  • Originally from San Diego, CA
  • BS Engineering Physics 
  • At OASIS since 2016

Javier Arredondo 
TRiO SSSP/Guardian Scholars Program Assistant

  • Originally from Gridley, CA 
  • BS Civil & Environmental Engineering, MA Education specialized in College Couseling & Student Development 
  • At OASIS since 2017 

Cecilia Ubilla
Language Arts Tutorial Services Subject Coordinator

  • Originally from Chile, South America
  • BA French & Education, MA French and Spanish, completed doctoral courses in Comparative Literature & Arts at UCSD
  • At OASIS since 1980
Lorena Martinez

Lorena Martinez
Language Arts Tutorial Services Assistant Coordinator

  • Originally from Escondido, CA
  • BA Ethnic Studies and BA Chicano Studies
  • At OASIS since 2014

Maribel Geronimo
Summer Bridge Program Assistant

  • Originally from San Diego, CA
  • Summer Bridge 2010 alumna
  • BA Human Development
  • At OASIS since 2016

Luis J Vargas
Summer Bridge Program Assistant 

  • Originally from North East Los Angeles, CA 
  • Summer Bridge 2011 alumnus 
  • BS Physiology & Neuroscience, Minor Ethnic Studies 
  • At OASIS since 2016 

Jen Vo
MSTP Program Assistant

  • Originally from San Diego, CA
  • Summer Bridge 2006 alumna
  • BA Human Development
  • At OASIS since 2012