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Alumni Testimonials

Hear what OASIS Alumni have to say!

  • Lydia Zendejas, Summer Bridge 1990

    The peer counselors, students, and OASIS staff in my bridge year and the years following all helped to shape my desire to work in higher education. It was because of their consistent support that I made it through my first year and believed in myself. I feel very lucky to work in higher education and be able to "pay it forward"!

  • Gail Oytas, Summer Bridge 1989

    I recall Summer Bridge and my time at UCSD fondly. Those years really helped shape my identity. It's wonderful that the program is still here to support students.

  • Teresa Hodges, Summer Bridge 2000

    Teresa Hodges, Summer Bridge 2000

    If it hadn't been for OASIS, the Cross-Cultural Center, and Ethnic Studies, I would have struggled in school alone (especially academically, amongst other things) as a woman of color. Starting with Summer Bridge, I became empowered and find that experience to be truly transformative. I am truly grateful.

  • Caliph al-Jihad, Summer Bridge, 1994

    Much of what I have been able to accomplish in my adult life was built on the solid foundation that I received at UCSD. Simply put, I would NOT have been able to persevere, survive, thrive, strive and grow at UCSD. if not for OASIS... bottom line. As such, much of the good that I am is because of OASIS. Thank you OASIS.

  • Jorge Ramirez, Summer Bridge 2001

    Jorge Ramirez, Summer Bridge 2001

    Lucky to have stumbled across OASIS on a high school tour. Thanks to OASIS I got the tutoring I needed to pass my Subject A. My Summer Bridge ATC was at my wedding as well as some other friends I met there and that I consider my brothers. I would not have graduated if it wasn't for OASIS!

  • Ethriam Brammer, Ph.D., Summer Bridge 1989

    Most of what I learned about student services, I learned through OASIS and TRIO. And I've spent my professional life as a college administrator attempting to replicate the strategies I learned as an undergrad at UCSD.

  • Jeff Green, Summer Bridge 1999

    OASIS created an important foundation for the work that I do today. Being a student in OASIS helped me feel more connected with UCSD. Working in OASIS and Summer Bridge helped me become the person I am today. OASIS engaged my passion for working with college students to help them realize their full potential. I followed in the steps of current and former OASIS alumni and staff members such as Agustin Orozco, Juan Carlos Astorga, Liberty Trajano, Alma Banuelos, and others into the Community Based Block Program at SDSU, which helped to develop and harness my counseling skills into helping College Students at CSUSM.

  • Remy Taborga, Summer Bridge 1995

    Summer Bridge was the best way to start my college career. It allowed me a chance to gain confidence with college level courses and also allowed me to meet great people. I still keep in touch with the friends I made.

  • Cindy Hudson, Summer Bridge 1997

    Cindy Hudson, Summer Bridge 1997

    The opportunities at OASIS have been the most rewarding experiences for me, both as a student and then as a staff member. Summer Bridge and chemistry workshops helped me succeed at UCSD, and the most rewarding part was becoming a staff member to help others the way OASIS helped me, and then see those students become staff members and continue the cycle of students helping students and giving back to the program that made us successful.

  • Stephanie Smith, Summer Bridge 2000

    I truly appreciate Summer Bridge and all the tutoring programs OASIS had offered me. I'm happy to hear that it continues to open young minds of today and help them along through peer tutoring and guidance.

  • Tommy Joe Valenzuela, Summer Bridge 1993

    UCSD and Summer Bridge are one and the same. They both helped educate a young kid from the Central Valley and turned him into a positive member of society. I am truly thankful for the unique set of circumstances that brought me to Argo Hall in the summer of 1993 and ultimately to RIMAC field to listen to the President of the United States preside over my graduation in 1997.

  • Mario Abraham Zuniga, Summer Bridge 2008

    Mario Abraham Zuniga, Summer Bridge 2008

    OASIS and Summer Bridge motivated me to try new things, challenge myself to realize the impossible, and to aim to be proud of everything I do. I want to thank Patrick, Agustin, the ATCs, especially Sonlong Nguyen, and the rest of the OASIS and Summer Bridge staff of 2008 for having such a positive impact on me. You not only made my transition into UCSD much smoother, but your continued support throughout my studies inspired me to be better; and I did not even begin to dive into the numerous enriching relationships originated during the Summer Bridge program.