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OASIS Transition Programs (OTP)

We are very pleased that you have chosen to attend the University of California, San Diego! We are sure that you will experience great intellectual and personal development as you work toward graduation.

As a new UC San Diego student (freshman or first-year transfer student), the Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services (OASIS) — UC San Diego's campus learning center — offers you many opportunities for academic enrichment and growth as you integrate into the university.

Our OASIS Transition Programs (OTP) offer two opportunities to proactively engage in a structured first-year experience in order to ensure academic success and social satisfaction.

OASIS Transition Programs include:

  • Summer Bridge: A year-long transition program for incoming freshman students that begins with an intensive 4 or 5 week residential & academic component in August. Summer Bridge continues throughout the academic year, providing academic & personal support throughout your first year at UC San Diego.

  • TRiO Student Support Services Program & Summer Experience: (freshmen and transfers): This program designed for freshmen and transfer students offers tutoring, workshops, mentoring, and extracurricular activites throughout your career at UC San Diego.

Our year-long, community-oriented programs provide a tremendous benefit to UC San Diego by contributing to a campus environment of intellectual diversity and excellence. Such an educational environment is critical to prepare all aspects of the campus community for an increasingly pluralistic society. Therefore, one of our major goals is to further develop the talents and proficiencies OTP students bring to UC San Diego, which in turn maximizes their contribution to a diverse campus.

You will find that being a part of the OASIS family is an extremely rewarding experience that can seldom be duplicated! In the years ahead, the OASIS staff will be there to help you excel in your studies at UC San Diego through tutoring and mentoring services.

As an OTP student, you will participate in an OASIS Learning Community (OLC) weekly seminar each quarter of your first year. OLCs provide you with a consistent small group of peers who you can collaborate with for study groups and other activities throughout the year. OLCs also help you with tips and necessary tools to excel at UC San Diego.

Additional benefits of being an OTP student include participation in other academic year services, provided by OASIS' tutorial services and transition programs, such as:

  • One-to-one conferences with staff
  • Academic workshops for courses you are enrolled in
  • Referrals to other campus departments

Important contacts for new students:

Newly admitted students should follow the checklist on MyApplication for instructions on how to submit official transcripts and test scores. The checklist also provides vital information about college orientation, student health and wellness requirements, financial aid, and deadlines to finalize admission prior to enrollment.