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  • Lisa Ton – SB 2016

    Lisa Ton – SB 2016

    "Summer Bridge has definitely been one of the most unforgettable and rewarding experiences of my first year at UCSD. I’ve met some of the most incredible people including my ATC and my suitemates. Being a part of the Summer Bridge community was really humbling and it has really helped me grow personally and intellectually. From learning about the many social issues that affects our communities to participating in a variety of social and academic opportunities, I feel much more knowledgeable about the stories of people and about the campus resources available to me. Summer Bridge has definitely prepared me for my transition into my first year in college."

  • Charles Adams – SB 2016

    Charles Adams – SB 2016

    "I am extremely grateful for what Summer Bridge has given me. For the five weeks I was there, I learned about college life, social issues, and learned about the campus that would give me the tools to succeed and achieve my goals in life. However that is what I learned, what Summer Bridge has given me is lifelong friends, support throughout my years, and a community I can be a part of. I am thankful for everything they have done, and without Summer Bridge my transition to college would have been extremely challenging. And so I say thank you to the amazing Oasis Summer Bridge Staff for making my transition spectacular."

  • Malka Williams – SB 2016

    Malka Williams – SB 2016

    “Summer Bridge prepared me to be successful academically and socially. Once I had the opportunity to be a part of the Summer Bridge family, I was given access to so many resources that helped me succeed while at UCSD. Coming from a brand new Charter school from Downtown Los Angeles, I felt unprepared coming into such a large and prestigious institution. If it was not for Summer Bridge I would not feel as confident and determined as I do now to peruse my degree at UCSD. I also take advantage of all of the resources that are provided to me from being a Summer Bridger, to building my own foundation as a leader in my community at UCSD.” 

  • Trae Whyte – SB 2016

    Trae Whyte – SB 2016

    “I accredit Summer Bridge for making my transition into college easier than I could have hoped. At the end of high school when I realized that I was actually going into this new phase of my life, I began to consider all my preconceptions of what college was and became completely terrified of what was to come. I imagined the work being impossible to overcome (which sometimes it still feels like it is) and I saw myself not being able to handle the                     stresses of it all. After going through the Summer Bridge transition program and taking the two classes I did, I really got a sense of my own ability to handle college level work and that gave me a sense of confidence entering my first fall quarter at UCSD. Summer Bridge opened up my eyes up to so many things about the world I had never been exposed before (social injustices, inequities...ALL OF IT). I am now a far more competent and understanding citizen than I ever was prior, and for that I will be forever thankful. 12/10 would recommend!”

  • Ngozi Egeonu – SB 2015

    Ngozi Egeonu – SB 2015

    “My college journey would be completely different if I had not done the Summer Bridge program. When I first heard about the program, I was very hesitant to make the commitment but decided to challenge myself and attend. When I first arrived, I remember being extremely nervous especially since I did not know anyone in the program. Since this was my first time moving away from home and being away from my family for a long period of time, I felt even more nervous. I did feel a bit homesick the first few days but after spending time with my suitemates and my ATC, I felt much more comfortable.  Through the classes and activities, I met so many other students who I got very close to and bridged friendships with.  I am forever thankful that I decided to do the program because it gave me a sneak peek at how difficult it was to be a UCSD student before I even started my first year. I was able to discover who I was and what I wanted to take out of my college experience. During the school year, OASIS is my home and I appreciate all the resources it has to help me navigate my way through UCSD. Because of this program, I have also been fortunate enough to work various OASIS positions during the school year—giving me a chance to give back to a program that has done so much for me. Summer Bridge was a once in lifetime opportunity that really opened my mind to the realities of being a college student while giving me a support system that gave me a home away from home.”

  • Reem Sheikh-Mohamed – SB 2015

    Reem Sheikh-Mohamed – SB 2015

    “I can’t imagine where I would be if I did not participate in Summer Bridge. One month is a long time to be away from family and friends, but by leaving a place I felt comfortable in, I was able to find a new family. Summer Bridge made me discover myself early on, and helped uncover an identity I could hold on to while attending UCSD. By spending time with other people who understood and shared my struggles growing up was something I never thought I needed (P.S. It is something everyone needs). In JUST one month, Summer Bridge gave me the language to understand my systemic struggles and fight to gain more for my community. Working with OASIS in different capacities, the staff truly aims to serves to empower and motivate students to be passionate about their goals, as well as providing academic support. Not to mention, it doesn’t hurt coming in Fall knowing around 200+ people.”

  • Alberto Carrillo – SB 2015

    Alberto Carrillo – SB 2015

    “Summer Bridge truly impacted my life here at UCSD in the most positive way. Coming from a small low-income school with little preparation for college, I did not know what to expect from a university like UCSD. With that said, without that the structured program of Summer Bridge I would have not been prepared for the vigorous classes here at UCSD. Summer Bridge prepared me for my hardest and most challenging year as a freshman. With continuous support from my ATC, workshops, and Summer Bridge friends I was able to stay focused. Summer Bridge gave me the opportunity to find great friends that have helped me make it through my years here at UCSD. I am honestly so grateful for all the staff at OASIS for putting their heart and soul in to the program to help students. As a historically under-represented student I am fortunate to have had continuous support from OASIS and the long-term connections from Summer Bridge.”

  • Joelle Victoriano – SB 2015

    Joelle Victoriano – SB 2015

    “Summer Bridge was an invaluable experience that not only eased my academic and social transition in college, but also established some of the most inimitable friendships and mentorships that I retain today. The entire program—from the readings and resources, to the suite bonding and social events—educated me in ways that my high school never did, and ultimately shaped me into someone a lot less colorblind and woefully ignorant than I was previously. It was a struggle to discuss and analyze the varied experiences of both myself and my fellow Bridger’s, but doing so allowed me to check my privileges and delve deeper into the histories and ubiquitous incessant obstacles that people of color and other marginalized groups continue to face. Summer Bridge provided me a safe space for personal growth, a home, and a family. It was nothing less than the most culturally educative experience of my life, and an integral part of my college career.”