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Congratulations on your admission to UC San Diego! We welcome you to the UC San Diego campus and offer you a chance to participate in the TRiO Student Support Services Program (SSSP) located in the Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services (OASIS).

The TRiO Student Support Services Program (SSSP) is committed to providing support and information that validates each student's experience and nurtures a sense of participation, belonging and empowerment. Through mentorship, academic programs, one-to-one counseling/ advising, referrals to campus resources and social/ cultural programming, we strive to maximize your involvement and success in the campus academic community. In addition to assisting students through to graduation, TRiO SSSP helps motivate and inform students to utilize services to enhance their preparation for the job market and/or graduate and professional school admission.

TRiO SSSP is for students who are low-income, first-generation college students and/or students with disabilities. Excellence, achievement, leadership and community building serve as the key elements to the individual and communal success of our students.

About us

The UC San Diego TRiO Student Support Services Program (SSSP) is 100% federally funded annually at $292,340. The program is designed to serve potential participants who are first-generation college students, low income and/or students with disabilities.

Our main goal at TRiO SSSP is to create a home-base environment where supportive learning takes place using a holistic approach focusing on a student’s academic, cultural and social experience at UC San Diego. Students receive academic support, develop supportive peer networks, participate in a variety of activities designed to enhance their success at UC San Diego, and increase their awareness of graduate and professional programs.

In mid-August, TRiO SSSP will offer Summer Experience for our incoming cohort of transfer students, The Summer Experience will be a residential weekend transition enrichment program designed to help first-year (transfer) students become more acquainted with UC San Diego so that you can:

  • SUCCEED instead of just SURVIVE at UC San Diego!
  • Build a sense of CONFIDENCE!
  • Gain a sense of KNOWLEDGE and BELONGING that will help you at UC San Diego.
  • Meet staff, faculty, and other resources that will help you establish a long-lasting connection at UC San Diego.
  • Meet current TRiO SSSP students.
  • Build friendships with peers and mentors that will aid in your transition process.
  • Belong to a support program until you graduate.
  • Experience cultural events to help you meet other UC San Diego students.

Important contacts for new students

Newly admitted students should follow the checklist on MyApplication for instructions on how to submit official transcripts and test scores. The checklist also provides vital information about college orientation, student health and wellness requirements, financial aid, and deadlines to finalize admission prior to enrollment.