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Colors of CARE

CARE at SARC - Colors of CARE logo - square shape

Colors of CARE is our new campaign that promotes being a responsive bystander, supporting survivors, and changing our campus culture.

Making change is as simple as coloring. Colors of CARE is about making a bright impact on the UC San Diego campus community. We encourage UC San Diego to:

  • Use IDEAS and be a responsive bystander
  • Support survivors of violence, and
  • Change our campus to a culture of consent

Stay tuned for more information about how you can show support, help promote consent, and change the campus culture.

There are many ways you can intervene, provide support to survivors, and promote consent — just like there are many colors in a crayon box. All you have to do is pick a color that stands out to you and show us how you CARE!

Share your stories

We invite you to share stories of how you care by using IDEAS and being responsive bystanders, supporting survivors, or changing campus culture through conscious action! Your submissions will help encourage other Tritons to make that bright impact the campus needs.