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Defining the Different Types of Violence

Learn more about the different types of violence.

Sexual assault and rape

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Sexual Assault - an umbrella term that encompasses all unwanted sexual behaviors, including rape. Under this umbrella, everything from nonconsensual kissing and fondling to forced oral, anal, or vaginal sex, is an act of sexual assault.

  • Rape - any sexual intercourse without a person's consent. Rape includes instances where sex is forced, and/or against a person's will, and/or occurs while a person is incapable of giving consent (e.g. incapacitated by alcohol or drug use). It includes forced oral, anal or vaginal penetration, and penetration with a foreign object.

Relationship violence

Relationship Violence (Dating and Domestic Violence) - are terms that refer to a pattern of behavior that is used to gain and maintain power and control over an intimate partner. The violence can be physical, sexual, verbal/emotional, economic or psychological. This includes any behaviors that intimidate, manipulate, humiliate, isolate, frighten, coerce, threaten, blame, hurt or injure someone.


Stalking - a pattern of repeated and unwanted attention, harassment, contact or any other course of conduct directed at a specific person that directly or indirectly communicates a threat or places the victim in fear.

Effective Jan. 1, 2015

Due to the call to action by UC President Janet Napolitano to have a system-wide consistent model for the prevention and response to sexual violence, SARC has changed its name to CARE. See Chancellor Khosla’s announcement for details.