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Choosing a Self-Defense Course

Read some tips on finding a self-defense course that's right for you.

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Self-defense is more than a set of physical techniques. It's about building your knowledge of the realities of violence, learning and practicing assertiveness skills, and having a sense of your personal rights. Self-defense courses don't guarantee your safety, but they do increase your choices, options, and preparedness.

Self-defense class

Good self-defense courses communicate these points:

  • No one asks for, causes, invites, or deserves a physical assault.
  • The victim of an assault is never at fault.
  • The best self-defense courses focus on identifying options and choosing the best option for each situation.
  • The goal of self-defense is empowerment through psychological awareness, verbal skills, and simple training techniques.

CARE no longer coordinates the RAD self-defense classes at UCSD. For more information and self-defense classes visit Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) classes and UCSD Recreation self-defense classes.