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Sponsored Third-Party Student Billing

Find guidelines and responsibilities for UC San Diego students whose fees are paid by third-party sponsors.


Sponsorship credit must be applied prior to every quarter's tuition payment due date. A valid Financial Support Letter (ie: financial guarantee, authorization, or memorandum) must be on file with Student Financial Solutions at all times in order to process sponsorship credit. Any new/updated letters must be submitted by the following quarterly deadlines to ensure it will be processed in time for that quarter's tuition payment due date: 

  • Summer Session: June 15th (session 1 & 3); July 15th (session 2)
  • Fall Quarter: September 1st
  • Winter Quarter: November 1st
  • Spring Quarter: March 1st

Sponsored students are those students who are enrolled at UC San Diego, and require UCSD to bill an outside agency (public or private sector sponsor including: military agency, educational institution, and international embassy) for tuition and mandatory fees.

Student Financial Solutions prepares and sends bills for tuition and mandatory fees, maintains agency and undergraduate student third-party accounts, and handles all correspondence regarding third-party agreements. 

Agency payments made directly to a student, or reimbursements to a student, are not considered third-party agreements.

Authorizations must be written in English and contain no restrictions (ie: if a sponsor requires course completion, grades, or transcripts prior to submitting payment, this does NOT qualify as third-party billing).

Agency must agree to abide by the Student Financial Solutions third-party billing guidelines.

Important Third-Party Billing Information: 

As a student with a third-party agreement, you are responsible for providing Student Financial Solutions with the third-party authorization or government training voucher by the deadline listed above, which allows SFS to process your third-party contract prior to the tuition payment due date. (For the payment schedule by quarter, please see Enrollment & Registration Calendar.) 

In addition, students must complete the Sponsor Direct Billing Authorization and Release form and ensure that any remaining balance not covered by their sponsor is paid by the appropriate deadline. 

Payment not made by the appropriate deadline will be subject to Enrollment and Registration Late Fees up to $100.00.

How to submit a Financial Support Letter or sponsor direct billing authorization:

Forms may be submitted via the following methods:
E-mail: undergrad3rdparty@ucsd.edu (preferred)

Mail:  UCSD Student Financial Solutions
  Attn: Third-Party Coordinator
  9500 Gilman Dr MC 0026
  La Jolla, CA  92093-0026

In Person:  UCSD Student Financial Solutions
   Student Services Center, Third Floor South, Suite 355 (map)

Fax: (858) 822-2314 (if faxed, please email undergrad3rdparty@ucsd.edu to confirm receipt of fax)

There is no standard third-party financial support/authorization letter. Regardless of the format, all authorizations are considered contractual agreements, and the following information must be included in order for the request to be processed:
  • Student's name
  • Student's account number (University PID)
  • Beginning date and ending date of the sponsorship (Note: Student Financial Solutions can only accept sponsorship letters for one academic year, if degree is sponsored - a yearly renewal letter is required.)
  • Specific charges and academic quarters the sponsor will pay. (Note: Student Financial Solutions will not bill your agency for housing, meal plans, books, parking, application fees, or late fees.)
  • Agency billing address
  • Name, signature and contact information of person authorizing the contract
  • Purchase order number (for government contracts)

A tuition pre-payment "credit" should appear on the student account within 3-5 business days following Student Financial Solutions receipt of the financial support letter from the student or sponsor. This pre-payment will appear as a waiver on the student's account and indicates that Student Financial Solutions has advanced payment on the student's behalf in anticipation of receipt of funds from the sponsoring agency. This pre-payment does not mean that the University has received the actual payment.

An agency with a past due balance may have its billing privileges terminated. Students should be aware that they are ultimately responsible for any defaults in payments by the sponsoring agency.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure their account balance is current. Any balance that remains unpaid by the appropriate deadline may result in a hold being placed on the account as well as late fees. This hold may prevent future sponsorship credit from being applied to the account. 

Sponsored Student Reminders:

*Ensure that a valid financial support letter is on file with Student Financial Solutions at all times.*

If you are unsure of the expiration date of your financial support letter, contact your sponsor directly. 

Prior to the start of each quarter, log-on to TritonLink to view your student account information. Ensure the following items are completed:          

  1. Confirm there are no holds on your account. 
  2. Confirm tuition/fees have been charged for the new term.
  3. Confirm the sponsor credit has posted for the new term. 
  4. Confirm your health insurance waiver* is reflected for the term, if you submitted a health insurance waiver prior to the deadline and it was approved. Will appear as a payment, listed as "UG HEALTH INSUR WVR" on your account activity.
  5. Confirm your student account balance is $0 and that any remaining balance is paid. 

The tuition rates and fees website contains fee information per quarter for your reference.

*If your sponsor provides qualifying health insurance coverage, you must waive the university health insurance to avoid being billed. To opt out of University Health Insurance (USHIP), you must complete the Health Fee Waiver on TritonLink. For more information, visit the Student Health Services Website (Note: a health insurance waiver must be completed every academic year, by the deadline indicated).

Graduate Sponsored Students:

Submit your financial authorization letters directly to the Graduate Division

International Sponsored Students:

Financial Guarantee Letters supplied for Admission purposes are not acceptable for third-party billing purposes.

Tuition rates are available in the Tuition & Fee tab.

More information and resources for international sponsored students is provided by the International Students & Programs Office, as well as on the ISPO sponsored students page.