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Summer Research Program (SRP)

The UCSD Summer Research Program is an eight- and ten-week, full-time research experience for undergraduates.

The objectives of the program are to provide students with the skills to become research scholars; to stimulate students' serious consideration of graduate study; and to increase the graduate school enrollment of underrepresented minorities and low-income, first-generation college students.

2017 Summer Research Program Calendar

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Research projects are designed and supervised by faculty a mentor whose research interests complement those of the student.

The program activities are substantial, requiring a full-time commitment from each student (students cannot work, take classes, participate in any other summer research program, or go on vacation while in the program).

Attendance at meetings and seminars is mandatory.

Each student will be trained to write a research proposal and paper, and present his or her paper at the UCSD Summer Research Conference.


Participants receive a stipend; the amount of the stipend varies depending on the program in which they are enrolled (Genentech, McNair and UC Scholars). Some programs also offer participants free on-campus housing.

Please set up direct deposit so the stipends go directly into your bank account (read instructions for setting up direct deposit).

How to apply

Participants in UC San Diego's Summer Research Program are selected from the ranks of our Genentech, McNair, URS, START, and UC Scholars programs. 

Student orientation documents

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