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Selected Student-Related UCSD Policies and Procedures (PPMs)

Find links to University of California policies applying to campus activities, organizations, and students.

The following are section numbers and titles of selected sections of the UC San Diego Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM) pertaining to student-related activity.

All PPMs are available at Geisel Library, and copies of specific PPMs may be requested from UCSD Administrative Records.

Section Title
ERMG Emergency
10-7 Registration Fee Advisory Committee
100-7 Maintenance of the Integrity of Academic Programs
120-1 Preparation of Manuscripts Resulting from Scholarly Research
120-2 Proposals for New Graduate Degrees and Approval to Offer
120-3 Proposals for New Programs Leading to Existing Graduate Degrees and Proposals for New Degrees (subject, not title)
120-6 Course Approvals, Changes, and Numbering
120-8 Undergraduate Instructional Assistance in Courses
135-5 UCSD Electronic Communications Procedures and Practices
160-2 Disclosure of Information from Student Records
160-4 Student Affirmative Action Program
160-5 University Extension Policy on Handicapped Student Assistance
160-40 Anti-Riot Act Legislation
160-41 Collection of Student Debts
165 Graduate Student Matters
165-60 Master of Arts or Science Degree
165-61 Master of Fine Arts Degree
165-62 Doctor of Philosophy Degree
200-7 Death Reporting
200-8 Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Affirmative Action
200-8.6 Affirmative Action Program for the Employment of Handicapped Persons, Disabled Veterans, and Vietnam Era Veterans
200-9 UCSD Disability Access Guidelines
200-12 Relations with Employee Organizations
200-20 Worker's Compensation
230-1 Duties of Department Chairs
230-25 Guest Lecturers
250 Personnel - Staff  (Monthly Working Hours Calendar)
250-6 Student Employment Under Staff Title
250-6.1 Student Employment Work Study
270-1 Control and Administration of Student Conduct and Discipline - UCSD
400-2 Official Publications of UCSD
460-3 Loss or Damage to Property of Individuals
470-1 UCSD Guidelines for Serving, Accepting and Responding to Subpoenas
480-3 Responsibilities and Guidelines for Handling Records Containing Information About Individuals
480-4 Public Records
480-5 Guidelines for Access by Government Agencies to Records as Required by Consent Decree
500-10 University Fine Arts and Collections Insurance Program
500-11 University Miscellaneous Property Insurance Program
500-12 Property, Equipment, Money, and Security Losses Resulting from Fire, Theft, or Other Causes
510 Use of University Properties
516 Environment, Health & Safety
516-10.3 Environmental Sanitation - Housing
523-2.2.1 Purchasing - Narcotics, Dangerous Drugs and Chemical Carcinogens
530-1 Facilities Management - Office Functions
530-2 Facilities Management - General Information, Instructions, and Requirements
530-3 Requests for Physical Plant Services
530-4 Facilities Management - Emergencies
530-9 Facilities Management - Renovations and Alterations
545-1 Parking & Transportation Services Functions
545-2 Parking Permits and Policies