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11.00 General Provisions

Revised UCSD Student Conduct Regulations; Approved for Implementation; Date of Last Revision Sept. 15, 2012

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11.10.  Authority of the Regents:
The Regents of the University of California is a corporation that derives authority from the State of California Constitution, Article IX, Section 9, which prescribes its powers of organization and government. These UCSD regulations, as adopted in conformity with the University-wide policies shall apply to University properties administered by UCSD and to UCSD and University activities wherever located. The Student Conduct Code, Sections 22.00 et. seq. of these policies, shall also apply to alleged incidents of hazing as described below in Section, irrespective of the location(s) of the alleged hazing incidents. 

11.11.  Applicability to Employee Organizations:
These policies do not apply to employee organizations which have as a primary purpose the representation of University employees in their employment relations with the University. Those employee organizations are subject to policies applicable to such organizations as contained in "University Policy on Relations with Employee Organizations" and UCSD Policies, such as but not limited to UCSD PPM 510-1, implementing that policy.

11.12.  Definitions: For the purposes of these Policies, the following definitions apply:

11.12.10. University
The term "University" means the University of California and includes its campuses, the Office of the President, the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and the Department of Energy Laboratories operated by the University.

11.12.11. Campus
The term "campus" means the University of California, San Diego, also referred to as UCSD.

11.12.12. Property
The term "property" means any campus-owned or University-owned, -operated or -maintained property, including all UCSD or University grounds and structures or such property designated by the UCSD campus as property subject to these policies.

11.12.13. Registered Student Organization
The term "registered student organization" means an organization which is intended primarily for students, faculty, or staff of the UCSD campus and in which a group of four or more currently enrolled undergraduate, or graduate students and that has registered in compliance with the requirements specified by the Student Affairs/Center for Student Involvement Office. Categories of student organizations include but are not limited to: Co-ops/Enterprises/Retail Student Organizations Recreational Clubs Political Organizations Religious Organizations Academic Cultural Educational Media Social Graduate Greek Inter Fraternal Council Panhellenic  

11.12.14. College Student Organization
A college student organization is a special service oriented group of currently enrolled students affiliated with the college by participating in college-related activities. College organization membership may also include faculty and staff members participating in an activity sanctioned and/or sponsored by the college. These groups are recognized by the Dean and/or Provost of their respective college, and are not required to register with the Student Government/ Student Organizations Support Office. Categories of college organizations include but are not limited to: College Orientation Committees College Program Boards
Activity boards for the colleges. College Graduation Committees College Residence Councils  

11.12.15. Student
The term "student" means an individual for whom the campus maintains student records and who: (a) is enrolled in or registered with an academic program of the campus; (b) has completed the immediately preceding term and is eligible for re-enrollment, including the recess periods between academic terms; or (c) is on an approved educational leave or other approved leave status, or is on filing-fee status. 

11.12.16. Dean
The term "Dean" as used in these policies shall be defined as the Dean of Students of the college where the accused student is enrolled or registered or in the case of graduate students, the Assistant Dean of the Graduate Division, or in the case of medical students, the Associate Dean for Curriculum and Student Affairs of the School of Medicine, or in the case of UCSD Extension, the Associate Vice Chancellor Extended Studies or designee.

11.12.17. Grounds Generally Open to the Public
For the purpose of these regulations, the term, "grounds generally open to the public" is defined as the outdoor areas of the campus, (lawns, patios, plazas) that are at least 25 feet from the entrances/exits of campus buildings and parking lots, and that are also a safe distance from the curbings of campus roads.

11.12.18. Academic Days
The term "academic days" is defined as the days in each academic quarter and summer sessions during which instruction is being conducted, including finals week.

11.12.19. Public Space
The term "public space," means all areas which are accessible to the general public. This does not include personal living space or those residential areas that have access limited to only those in authorized possession of keys.

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