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12.00 UCSD Regulations

Revised UCSD Student Conduct Regulations; Approved for Implementation; Date of Last Revision Sept. 15, 2012

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12.10.  Availability of these Regulations:
A notice informing students where they may obtain copies of the policies will be published annually in the General Catalogue and quarterly class schedules. Copies of these policies shall be made available to students (without charge) in the following offices: 

12.10.10.  Student Legal Services Office

12.10.11.  College Deans' Offices

12.10.12.  Graduate Division 

12.10.13.  School of Medicine, Student Affairs Office  

12.10.14.  Office of Student Conduct

12.10.15.  SIO, Graduate Student Department  

12.10.16.  Center for Student Involvement 

12.11.  UCSD Consultation:
Students, including student governments, faculty, and staff shall be consulted in the development and modification of UCSD regulations, except where modifications in the UCSD regulations are specifically mandated by U.C. General Counsel, and/or applicable laws and U.C. Policy. The specific procedures by which UCSD regulations may be considered and modified are:

Amendments to these regulations shall be submitted for approval to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs by the Director, Office of Student Conduct. A committee of the following members shall first have an opportunity to consider such amendments:

Chair:   Director, Office of Student Conduct


Director, Student Activities and Government/or designee

Director, University Events or designee

Director, Student Legal Services

Two (2) representatives of the ASUCSD appointed and approved by the Associated Student Council

One (1) representative from each of the colleges at UCSD appointed by the respective College Council

Two (2) representatives from the Graduate Student Association (appointed and approved by the Graduate Student Association)

Dean, Graduate Division or designee

Dean, Student Affairs, School of Medicine or designee

Faculty Representative (appointed by the Academic Senate Committee on Committees)

One (1) College Dean appointed by the Council of Deans

One(1) Resident Dean appointed by the Council of Resident Deans

Dean, University Extension Program or designee

Prior to their adoption,all proposed UCSD regulations, including modifications, shall be submitted to the Office of the General Counsel of the University of California for review for consistency with the general University wide policies, and the law.

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