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19.00 Basic Student Rights

Revised UCSD Student Conduct Regulations; Approved for Implementation; Date of Last Revision Sept. 15, 2012

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19.10. Student Opinion and Viewpoints: Student opinion and viewpoints should be sought on matters affecting both the academic and non-academic experiences of students and especially those decisions which directly affect their welfare, through drawing upon official student representation, as well as additional means for seeking student input as appropriate.

19.11. Student Rights: As members of the University and UCSD community, students shall have the right to;

19.11.10. Protection against the improper collection of information about student's political and social views, beliefs, and associations;

19.11.11. Protection against the improper disclosure or withholding of information from student records is largely governed by State and Federal laws. It is the purpose of the University of California Policies applying to the Disclosure of Information from Student Records, and implementing UCSD regulations, to provide reasonable interpretations of these laws and to protect the student's right of privacy. UCSD Policies and Procedures Manual Section 160-2, (PPM-160-2), is the implementing regulation applicable to student right to privacy. All matters relating to disclosure or maintenance of information on students at UCSD shall be processed in accordance with UCSD PPM 160-2;

19.11.12. Participate in the governance of UCSD according to guidelines set forth in the UCSD regulations;

19.11.13. Have all academic decisions affecting their academic standing, including the assignment of grades, based upon academic considerations only, administered fairly and equitably under policies established by the Academic Senate. In professional curricula, such decisions may include consideration of performance according to accepted professional standards;

19.11.14. Petition the Academic Senate on matters within the jurisdiction of the Senate;

19.11.15. Be free from UCSD discipline for actions committed involuntarily or under duress. Violations committed while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or other illegal substance will be subject to discipline;

19.11.16. Equitable grievance procedures established pursuant to Section 111.00 through 114.00 of the University-wide policies and Section 23.00 of these regulations;

19.11.17. Petition for any change in the University-wide policies, or in the UCSD regulations issued thereunder, through the appropriate UCSD or University-wide office;

19.11.18. Petition to appear before the Board of Regents, under procedures set forth in the Bylaws and Standing Orders of The Regents. Individual students are entitled to seek an appearance before the Board to speak in open committee or Board session on matters on The Regents' agenda. Students must follow administrative procedures established by UCSD to appeal individual academic or administrative decisions;

19.11.19. Have published annually by UCSD those schedules of fees and charges which must be paid by all students as a condition of attendance; such schedules shall not be subject to change during the year, except on recommendation by the UC President and by action of The Regents;

19.11.20. Have published annually refund schedules for new and continuing students;

19.11.21. Have published annually information about graduation rates of enrolled students and student athletes and information on UCSD crime statistics, as specified by applicable law;

19.11.22. Receive annually written information on the UCSD's standards of conduct regarding the use of drugs, alcohol, and other illegal substances, a statement affirming that disciplinary sanctions will be imposed for violations of the standards of conduct, a description of the sanctions, and other information specified by applicable law;

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