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Student Conduct & COVID-19

For more information on the Student Conduct Process and COVID-19 updates, please see below.

Our campus is implementing a progressive engagement and student conduct approach that is in alignment with appropriate policies and processes for students. While our focus is on educating students about applicable policies and procedures and helping them engage in responsible decision making, egregious behaviors, such as demonstrating an intentional disregard for the health and safety of the community, are grounds for suspension or expulsion from the University of California. The Office of Student Conduct will be following up on neighborhood concerns, providing relevant updates and supporting off-campus students.

Regular updates are shared on the Return to Learn website, including detailed information on UC San Diego’s Summer 2021 Plan. Reports related to student conduct can be submitted via the Office of Student Conduct website, please send any questions to studentconduct@ucsd.edu.

COVID-19 Testing Program (516-31)


  • Non-vaccinated students who are currently living in University-owned housing or coming to campus for any reason must continue to test weekly and complete the symptom screener daily. Fully vaccinated students do not need to test weekly any longer, only if they become symptomatic, but need to continue the daily symptom screening if they are living in University-owned housing/coming to campus for any reason.
  • For students who are fully vaccinated, please fill out this form to be exempted from the weekly testing requirement. If you have additional questions, contact ucsdtha@ucsd.edu.

For information on University testing and screening please visit: https://returntolearn.ucsd.edu/return-to-campus/testing-and-screening/index.html

For information specific to COVID-19 Testing Compliance see our COVID-19 Testing FAQ

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Office of Student Conduct Operations during COVID-19

The Office of Student Conduct has moved its operations online until further notice due to COVID-19 precautions. We will continue to observe normal, business hours during this time, which are Monday through Friday from 9 AM - Noon, and 1 PM - 4:30 PM, except for University Holidays. We are available for questions via email at studentconduct@ucsd.edu and via Zoom video conference. If you have specific questions about what our operations will look like with relation to your case, please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss further.

Ensuring that the transition of our program is smooth and accessible to all is a top priority for our team and we look forward to continuing to provide the same high level of service. We thank you for your cooperation in making this transition a success and wish you and yours good health. Please see below for more information and resources.

Policy and Procedure Updates

Student Conduct and COVID-19 Related Guidance (PDF)

COVID-19 Sanction Guidelines and Potential Violations (PDF)

COVID-19 Student Conduct Amnesty Program (PDF)

Ten's Company Program

  • All students must complete the Student Symptom and Exposure Screening tool prior to gathering, and receive a green thumb
  • All members of the group must wear a facial covering at all times
  • Physical distancing (minimum of 6 feet) must be maintained at all times
  • Groups are limited to ten (10) individuals at any one time; dependents accompanied by their student parent are exempt from the count of three
  • Groups of 11 or more students must be avoided and are considered a violation of campus policy

Updated PPMs

COVID-19 TESTING NONCOMPLIANCE: Under PPM 516-31, mandatory COVID-19 testing every two weeks applies to students who are on campus for educational, research, co-curricular, recreational, or social activities (including all students living in University-owned housing). As such, unless granted a special exemption approved by Student Health Services, students 9 days out of compliance with this policy will be referred to the Student Conduct Office for the progressive discipline process

General guidelines for outdoor settings:

  • Fully vaccinated: face covering not required except in crowded environments (300 people or more) such as sporting events, concerts and fairs.
  • Unvaccinated: face covering required during most outdoors activities when six foot distancing cannot be maintained. (Exceptions include going for walks, jogs or bike rides, or when taking part in small outdoor gatherings where everyone else is fully vaccinated.)

General guidelines for indoor settings:

Regardless of vaccination status, everyone must mask indoors. This includes shopping, dining, public transportation, exercising, studying indoors at a location that is not your primary residence, attending indoor business meetings and indoor events. Laboratory settings require everyone to be masked.

For additional information on face covering at UC San Diego see: Return to Learn Safety Requirements

Zoom Access and Safety

Not sure how to access your Zoom account yet? See UC San Diego Zoom - Video and Web Conferencing.

Using Zoom? Stay secure with these Zoom Meeting Safeguards

If you are a victim of a Zoom bombing, please report it as soon as possible with the date, time, meeting host and if possible screen captures of the offending material to zoombombing@ucsd.edu. It will be investigated and reported to the most appropriate campus unit, including the Office for the Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination (OPHD), if it is behavior that constitutes harassment or discrimination.

COVID-19 and Student Affairs Resources and Information

The Vice Chancellor - Student Affairs office is working closely with  Associated Students and Graduate Student Association leaders to provide regular and ongoing communication in order to keep students informed and focused on their health. As local, national and global public health recommendations shift to include mitigation of transmission, we are proactively taking steps that will help to protect the community. For more information on issues such as internet resources, telehealth, basic needs and more, see COVID-19 Student Affairs Resources and Information.

Return to Learn

About the Program

UC San Diego’s Return to Learn Program aims to broadly test students, faculty and staff on campus on a recurring basis for presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19. This evidence-based program, which includes plans for contact tracing and isolation housing for on-campus resident students who test positive for the virus, is intended to better position UC San Diego to resume in-person activities when fall classes begin in September 2020.

Students in on-campus housing are encouraged to participate in the initial phase of UC San Diego’s innovative COVID-19 screening program.

To learn more or see if you are eligible to participate, see Return to Learn Program.


Q: I live off-campus and my roommate, who is also a UCSD student, is not following COVID-19 hygiene guidelines (I.e. washing hands after returning home). Is there anything the Office of Student Conduct can do to help me? 

A: Please submit a Non-Academic Incident Report Form via our website so we can gather additional information.  It would also be helpful for us to know if you have spoken to your roommate about your concerns. Once we have more information, our office can decide the best way to address your concerns. 

 Q: I live in a neighborhood close to UCSD and would like to make a complaint about my neighbor, a UCSD student. They are not following the City of San Diego’s COVID-19 guidelines. They are having parties where guests are not wearing masks or practicing social distancing. I am concerned about my health and safety; can you please help me? 

A: Community members are encouraged to submit public reports about potential violations of the Standards of Conduct directly to the Office of Student Conduct via the Academic Integrity Violation and Non-Academic Misconduct Report Form. OSC will review the report and determine whether the information in the report may violate the University’s Standards of Conduct. Even if the alleged conduct does not violate the Standards of Conduct, OSC and other University staff may engage in a follow-up conversation with the student to review and discuss applicable health and safety guidelines and expectations.


Q: I submitted an incident report to the Office of Student Conduct regarding concerns I had with UCSD students living in my neighborhood and their lack of health and safety concerns. What actions will OSC take to help me? 

A: For cases where students accept responsibility or are found responsible for Standards of Conduct violations, sanctions are assigned based on the University’s sanctioning guidelines, the nature of the incident, and the student’s non-academic student conduct record.  Potential sanctions for COVID-19 related conduct range from probation and an educational program for lower level incidents to suspension or expulsion from the University for egregious incidents. Detailed sanction guidelines can be found on the front page of the OSC website, under the “Student Conduct At a Glance” section. For cases where students do not accept responsibility and no solution is met, their case will be escalated to a Student Conduct Review. 

Q: How is UCSD enforcing testing for students and are there any consequences for students that refuse to participate? 

A: All undergraduate and graduate students coming to campus, including all students living in university-owned housing, are required to participate in self-administered testing each week. Each test must be at least 5 days apart with no more than 9 days between tests. Refusal to take a COVID test would put a student in violation of our conduct procedures. Potential sanctions for COVID-19 related conduct range from probation and an educational program for lower level incidents to suspension or expulsion from the University for egregious incidents. Please visit our website to view our detailed sanctions guideline. The last Standard of Conduct, SCP 4(e), outlines potential sanctions for COVID-19 related incidents. 

Q: What is UCSD’s plan for students living on campus who fail to schedule or refuse to complete their COVID test weekly? 

A: Unless granted a special exemption approved by Student Health Services (studenthealth@ucsd.edu), students who are on-campus and have not been tested for more than 9 days will be referred to the Student Conduct Office for the progressive discipline process.

Q: What if I get a test outside of UC San Diego to fulfill my requirement?

A: For students who complete their COVID-19 test outside of UC San Diego, please send an email to studenthealth@health.ucsd.edu and attach your result as well as your PID to ensure correct attribution. Your result will be added to your student health chart.

Q: What is UCSD’s plan for students living on campus who leave for extended periods and fail to complete the prolonged absence form? 

A: Students who leave for extended periods and fail to complete the prolonged absence form would be referred to OSC for processing through the conduct process (violation of enhanced safety requirements and failure to comply) due to the immediate health and safety risks. 

Q: What is UCSD’s plan for students who refuse to leave their apartment/suite when requested to by residential life staff for deep cleaning following an exposure or positive COVID test of a suite/apartment-mate?  

A: Students would be referred to OSC for processing through the student conduct process (failure to comply and health & safety). They would also likely be subject to housing contract consequences through their residential life office (potential three-day notice to cure or quit). 

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