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Juan Carlos Carranza

Senior Success Coach for: Eleanor Roosevelt College

Hometown: San Diego, California

What I wish I had known when I was in college: 

I wish I had connected more with faculty and mentors in college, who would have helped me shape my academic pathway. I wish I would have taken more risks academically and challenged myself to explore the full set of courses and academic disciplines available to me. Finally, I wish I would have asked more questions and really leveraged all of the resources that were often just a question or click away. There are many people in college who are there to support you and connect you to opportunities; never feel silly for asking a question or asking for help!

What does being first-generation mean to me? 

Being first-generation means that I will always be navigating and translating between two worlds, and carving out a new pathway that is my own. It can be daunting to know that any step forward I take will be a step into something uncharted; but I’ve learned to feel empowered in my decision-making, and to own the power I have in shaping my world. I hope to continue opening new doors in my own life and to leave doors open for future first-generation students. 

Top goals for the year: 

  1. Learn as much as I can about UCSD’s campus, culture, and community 
  2. Understand the ways in which I can best support first-gen students at ERC
  3. Read at least one book per month (for work or pleasure)
  4. Explore 5 new hiking trails around San Diego

Strengths Finder Top 5: Intellection, Empathy, Learner, Input, Relator

Personal Gender Pronouns: He, Him, His

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
Brown University

Master of Arts, Urban Education Policy
Brown University

Juan Carlos' office location:

  • Eleanor Roosevelt College, Administration Building, Room 122B

Juan Carlos' drop-in hours:

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Juan Carlos Carranza