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Lindsay Romasanta

Student Success Programs, Director

Student Success Programs, Director

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

What I wish I had known when I was in college: I wish I would have known that it's okay to not have it all figured out. Attending university is a great accomplishment, and it also comes with a lot of change. The #1 thing to remember is that you have lots of caring people here at UC San Diego who want to see you succeed.

What does being first-generation mean to me? As a first-generation college student myself, I've come to realize that being first-generation means you're charting a new path, while being motivated and fueled by your roots and your family and community's story.

Top goals for the year:

  1. Continue to support and lead the Student Success Coaching team to reach new heights and better serve first-generation students
  2. To have my dissertation research published
  3. To explore more of San Diego's great adventures

Strengths Finder Top 5: Arranger, Maximizer, Responsibility, Positivity, Includer

Personal Gender Pronouns: She, Her, Hers

Bachelor of Social Work, Certificate in Asian American Studies
Arizona State University 

Master of Public Administration
Georgia State University 

Doctorate of Education, Leadership and Innovation
Arizona State University 

Lindsay Romasanta