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Maria Zuniga

Student Success Programs, Program Specialist

Student Success Programs, Program Specialist

Hometown: San Diego, California

What I wish I had known when I was in college: Being a UC San Diego alum, I wish that I had known more about the different campus resources that exist in terms of academic support. With UC San Diego being such a large campus, at times you feel overwhelmed by the size and amount of information that you must take in.  However, there are several places, and even more now, that exist to help you reach your greatest potential.

What does being first-generation mean to me? Being a first-generation student, what this means to me is continuous perseverance.  Not only are you challenged to enter an unknown setting, but you have the potential to be successful, which can set the stage for others.  You will become a role model for those around you.  Most important of all you will bring pride and joy to your family, friends and anyone else that was a part of your journey to becoming part of the first-generation.

Top goals for the year:

  1. Continue to develop myself to be a better resource and supporter of Student Affairs.
  2. Stay on the path of a healthier lifestyle through better nutrition and continuous exercise.

Strengths Finder Top 5: Developer, Communication, Input, Responsibility, and Includer

Personal Gender Pronouns: She, Her, Hers

Languages Spoken: English and Spanish

Bachelor of Arts Human Development, minor Education Studies
UC San Diego

Maria Zuniga