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  • Angie Esparza

    Angie Esparza

    I am a first-generation Mexican student pursuing a Bachelor’s in Science in Human Development. Prior to living in San Diego, I lived in Tijuana, Baja California, for 6 years, and I started my early education there as well. As a direct product of programs such as TRiO Upward Bound and UCSD OASIS, I have grown to love public service and education, and I hope to dedicate my life to that sector of non-profit organizations.

    Hobbies: I’m self-taught in ukulele and acoustic guitar, I love to sketch, and more often than not you can find me chilling on one of UCSD’s many grassy hills.

    Interests and Involvement: Study Abroad, Greek Life, lab experience in the McKittrick Lab; interested in graduate school and full-time employment.

  • Annie Chen

    Annie Chen

    I am a second-year Human Biology major from Revelle College. Though I was born in China, I grew up in San Francisco and spent most of my life there before coming to San Diego. I am a low-income student and the first of my family to go to college. I spent 7 years in choir, so I love to sing and listen to music. I'm also self-taught in my other hobbies, such as graphic design and playing the ukulele.

    I took Korean class for 4 years in high school, and I love the culture and entertainment (music and dramas). Because my goal is to one day become a physician, I'm involved with a few pre-medical organizations on campus.

    I also have a passion for activism and attended social justice conferences such as Listen to the Silence Conference at Stanford and Empowering Women of Color Conference at Berkeley.

    Hobbies: Watching Korean dramas and TV shows, singing / listening to music, playing ukulele and piano, cooking, trying new food places (Yelping), hanging out with friends.

    Interests and Involvement: Health Professions Mentor Program (subcommittee of HMP3), Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA), Biological Sciences Student Association (BSSA), Circle K, Thackray Lab (studying reproductive endocrinology), social justice campaign/ organizing, interested in studying abroad in Korea and attending medical school.

  • Ashley Serrano

    Ashley Serrano

    I am a first-generation Mexican student pursuing a Bachelor’s in Human Biology. I come from a small town called Calexico, bordering Mexicali, Mexico, where I was raised. I consider myself as a very family-oriented individual who loves helping out others. I would love to become a doctor in the future, so that I could be able to support unrepresented communities with my services. As a very busy college student, I treasure my free time and I dedicate it to relaxing activities such as going to the beach, going hiking, going for a run, or just exploring San Diego and new food places. I am beyond excited to get to know you all!

    Hobbies: I enjoy working out, running, watching action movies, reading novels and nonfiction books, dancing, and I love long talks with friends.

    Interests and Involvement: Pathmaker Internship at Palomar Hospital and SHARP Hospital, Study Abroad, OASIS, and interested in graduate school.

  • Brandon Arias

    Brandon Arias

    I am a second-year undeclared student from John Muir College. I am originally from Arlington, Texas, where I grew up for 15 years before moving to my current home in San Fernando, California. I would describe myself as someone who loves to take advantage of opportunities, which has led me to join organizations that have all helped me grow as a person and leader. The biggest weakness I have is my connection to Starbucks, but I love it!

    Hobbies: I like hanging out with friends, listening to music, working out, and going on adventures.

    Interests and Involvement: Experience in the Associated Students office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and 2017 Muir College Orientation Leader. Interested in doing research, more involvement in Muir College, and more lab work.

  • Gustavo Reyes

    Gustavo Reyes

    I was born and raised here in beautiful San Diego. I am a fourth-year, first-generation Warren college student majoring in Physiology and Neuroscience with a minor in Ethnic Studies. I am also pre-med Latino student with the goal of becoming a primary-care physician who opens a free clinic to serve underprivileged communities.

    Hobbies: Anything outdoors, going to the gym, swimming, soccer, anything that involves food, and exploring San Diego.

    Interests and Involvement: Commuting to campus, community service abroad, calculus facilitator for OASIS MSTP, EMT, interested in medical school.

  • Jacinda Luong

    Jacinda Luong

    I am a second-year student from Roosevelt College majoring in Political Science - International Relations. I was born and raised in Los Angeles – in fact, I can’t picture myself living anywhere with a real winter. During my free time I love reading, discovering new music, and binge-watching Psych or Buzzfeed Unsolved. A random fun fact is when I was 12, I almost fell on a priceless sculpture in the Hermitage trying to take a picture of it and my mom literally pulled me back and saved me. My current goal is to double major in Communications and enter the world of business and marketing in order to diversify and extend the reach of campaigns.

    Hobbies: Going to Disneyland, looking at history jokes, going to concerts, raiding Target’s dollar section, playing piano, and drinking iced coffee.

    Interests and Involvement: Interested in traveling and exploring new cultures first hand, exploring the dynamics and impact of social media on different generations and politics, improving my Cantonese, and graduate school. I helped found the American Mock World Health Organization chapter at UCSD and am the social media chair for Rock ’N Roosevelt.

  • Jessica Cao

    Jessica Cao

    I am a fourth-year International Studies – Political Science major with a minor in Economics. I am a first-generation college student from San Jose, California. I love learning about the world and the policies that shape our world, which is why I am in UC San Diego’s Bachelor of Arts / Master of International Affairs (BA/MIA) five-year program. In my free time, I am usually studying, hiking, eating, or exploring San Diego. I look forward to meeting you all!

    Hobbies: I love reading, running, hiking, traveling, trying new foods, and spending time with loved ones!

    Interests and Involvement: Studied abroad in Shanghai, participant in the BA/MIA program, graduate student at UCSD’s School of Global Policy and Strategy, interested in U.S.-Asia relations.

  • Jessica Hernandez

    Jessica Hernandez

    I am from San Juan Capistrano, Orange County. I am a first-generation, low-income, Mexican American student pursuing a Bachelor's in Science degree in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience. I am a fourth-year (2nd year transfer) student that transferred from Saddleback Community College. I am very passionate about leadership and proactivity and the growth mindset! Sí se puede!

    Hobbies: Listen to all types of music, take road trips, hike, smell the ocean breeze, dancing hip-hop, Mexican, and EDM music, spending time with my family and friends, singing in the shower, and speaking Spanish.

    Interests and Involvement: Interested in medical school, McNair Scholars program, research assistant at Neuroscience lab, and commuting to campus.

  • Kylie Etter

    Kylie Etter

    I am currently a fourth-year Ecology, Behavior and Evolution major with an Environmental Studies minor from John Muir College. I was born and raised in Torrance, which is about 25 minutes from downtown Los Angeles without traffic (but unfortunately there usually is traffic). I like to run and play basically any sport. I played tennis for 10 years, but now I’m dedicated to intramural dodgeball and inner-tube water polo. I was a House Advisor in John Muir College during my third year, which was a great experience that allowed me to create a community for the first years living in my residential area.

    Hobbies: I also enjoy discovering new music, reading, and going to the beach!

    Interests and Involvement: I’m currently working in an Ecology lab on campus, and hope to continue to do ecological research after I graduate or become a park ranger at a national park.

  • Leo Do

    Leo Do

    I am a second-year International Studies – Political Science major, and planning to do an Economics double major. I enjoy street culture and all kinds of music genres from rap and hip-hop to folk and jazz. I am from a town called Reseda in the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. My hobbies include playing basketball, playing music, watching shows and movies. I also can play nearly every single brass instrument from trumpets to trombones, but my personal favorite is the tuba. I also really enjoy learning and experiencing Spanish culture. My goal currently is to learn about the perspectives of other cultures to figure out how they can all peacefully interact with one another. I look forward to meeting you all and hopefully being a helpful part of your college lives!

    Hobbies: I really enjoy watching superhero movies and TV shows. I’m really into sneakers and street culture. And I also like to try and make all kinds of food dishes with my friends and family.

    Interests and Involvement: Interested in building bridges between others culturally. I hope to eventually study abroad in Spain. I am involved in the Model United Nations and am also currently a U.S. State Department intern. I want to eventually be involved in the intelligence agencies or government in general in the future.

  • Lorraine Lopez

    Lorraine Lopez

    I am from Central California, specifically, a rural agricultural community of the San Joaquin Valley. My college is Revelle and I am a first-generation, 5th-year, life-experienced, re-entry transfer student.

    Major: International Studies Political Science with a regional focus on Latin America

    Minor: Business with an emphasis on organizational behavior

    Current Goals: Graduate June 2018. Get into grad school. Obtain an MBA.

    An unrelated fun fact about me: Years ago, I hiked in to and out of the Grand Canyon.

    Hobbies: I love nature and being outdoors, especially going the beach. To destress, I’m crafty and love to create repurposed projects. I also like cooking and baking.

    Interests and Experiences: Research on globalization, immigration and the economy. Presented work at the National Association of Chicana and Chicano Studies (NACCS), participated in the UCSD AEP Summer Research Program and was a UC Office of the President Climate Neutrality Engagement Fellow. I attended the CaCCCHE (California Cultural Centers on Higher Education) Student-Scholar Conference to learn more about social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion. I want to further my understanding of politics, economics and diverse cultural differences. As a life experienced student, I understand that we do not live independent of one another and want to work in partnership with others to close those gaps.

  • Maria Alvarez

    Maria Alvarez

    I am a first-generation student from Central California. I was born and raised in what we call the Central Valley, specifically from a small town near UCM. I decided to come UC San Diego to start a new journey full of new adventures, self-growth, and a whole lot of learning. I am currently a second-year student from Sixth College studying Human Biology. My goal is to fall into the perfect health care career. In my spare time I love to work out, catch sunsets, cook new foods, and Facetime my family. I really enjoy giving back and helping others, thus I look forward to working with each of you!

    Hobbies: I love long-distance running, reading and going to the beach!

    Interests and Involvement: I love volunteering at the VA hospital and I also was part of the first group of Triton Sophomore Scholars. I’m interested in graduate school and a fulfilling career.

  • Nicole Hutson

    Nicole Hutson

    I am a first-generation college student currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development with a minor in Education. Although I am a second year, I will be graduating in the spring of my third year. After UCSD, I plan to obtain my Masters in Education along with my teaching credential in order to work within low-income elementary schools.

    I am exuberantly passionate about working with children, participating in volunteer organizations, and protecting the rights of animals. In my free time, you can find me in Geisel, perched in the Woman’s Center, painting in my apartment, or lounging within Price Center. One fun fact: Halloween is my favorite holiday! This year I even have a pass to attend every night of Knott’s Scary Farm!

    Hobbies: Painting, hiking, watching Netflix, listening to music, and baking.

    Interests and Involvement: Student Success Coaching Program, volunteer efforts, full-time employment, The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS), and graduate school.

  • Samar Mashni

    Samar Mashni

    I’m a third-year from Muir with a Chemistry major and an Ethnic Studies minor. I was born in Minneapolis, MN, but I moved to San Diego when I was 8, so I’m pretty much a local. I love reading and watching Netflix (if you have any book or movie recommendations, let me know), and I am in love with my two-year-old cockapoo puppy Layla. I hope to one day own my own lab focused on humanitarian efforts and reversing the effects of pollution.

    Hobbies: Taking pictures of my puppy, reading, trying new restaurants with my friends, watching my shows on Netflix, going on road trips with my mom, and organizing my schedule.

    Interests and Involvement: I am passionate about how disabilities are represented in popular culture (myself being hearing impaired) and am always down for some social justice. I really support OASIS and SSCP’s effort to guide students in university. Short term, I hope to work in a lab on campus soon. Long term, I hope to attend business school and eventually run my own lab.

  • Shady Soliman

    Shady Soliman

    I am currently a fourth-year Biochemistry / Cell Biology major from John Muir College. I was born in Egypt, but moved to Pasadena, California, as a child. I love to create connections and relationships with others and especially love to have conversations about sports, music, social justice issues, and food. I have been involved as an academic advising intern and House Advisor in Muir and hope to continue to contribute to a more inclusive community here at UCSD. Fun fact: I like to write my own music and am a huge Chance the Rapper fan. I look forward to connecting with you!

    Hobbies: I love to drink coffee, watch / play sports, play instruments, look for new places to eat around San Diego, and binge -watch Netflix.

    Interests and Involvement: Currently in the BS/MS program at UCSD, lab member in the Ginsberg Lab at the UCSD Medical School, and interested in medical school.

  • Tanya Saucedo

    Tanya Saucedo

    I am a first-generation college student from a small town called Acton here in Southern California. I am a fourth year Public Health major from Marshall College. I have been a peer mentor through the Raza Resource Center and Black Resource Center. I am also currently involved with the student-run organization, Alternative Breaks. I look forward to meeting you all very soon.

    Hobbies: Painting my nails, sleeping, and hanging out with friends. My goal is to go sky diving once before I graduate as well as explore new areas in SD!

    Interests and Experience: I’ve worked with a variety of social justice issues as well as met many inspiring people through Alternative Breaks. During my Spring Break of my second year I worked with a non-profit that focused on rural poverty in West Virginia. During my Spring Break last year, I worked with a non-profit that focused on post-incarcerated women and their children in New York. I enjoy learning about new topics through my own research as well as the experience of others.