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Rachel Rivera

Success Coach for: 

  • Sixth College (all cohorts)
  • Marshall College Fall 2016 & 2017 Cohort

Hometown: Calexico, California

What I wish I had known when I was in college: I wish that I would have known that so many faculty and staff are invested in student success. I had no idea what resources were available or who could help me find new opportunities. I wish I would have known that I could have reached out to the people who worked on campus- even if I didn't know what to ask. Just reaching out and saying hello can open so many doors. I also wish I would have realized that it was never too late to seek help. Just because you are a junior or senior on campus, doesn't meet you know about every resource available. It's never too late to introduce yourself or find out what your campus has to offer. 

What does being first-generation mean to me? Being first-generation reminds me that I have the ability to accomplish my goals and more importantly, that I am now able to give back to my family and my community.  My mother was a huge support system for me, and so obtaining a degree was a huge moment for us. Being first-generation graduate also means that I now have the experiences to help up and coming first-generation students as they navigate their own educational goals. To me this means that the first-generation population is growing and is strong. I am excited to be part of this network and see everything that first-generation students and graduates achieve.

Top goals for the year: 

1. Make meaningful impacts in supporting first-generation and underrepresented students at UCSD

2. Be intentional about staying connected with friends and family   

3. Become more consistent in practicing yoga

Strengths Finder Top 5:  Positivity, Relator, Developer, Responsibility, and Arranger.

Personal Gender Pronouns: She, Her, Hers

Bachelor of Arts, Communication Studies; Minor in English
University California, Los Angeles

Master of Arts, Postsecondary Educational Leadership with a Specialization in Student Affairs
San Diego State University

Rachel's office location:

  • Sixth: Pepper Canyon Hall, 2nd floor, Sixth College Annex Office 253

Rachel's drop-in hours:

  • Tuesday 2pm-4pm
  • Wednesdays 2pm-4pm

Schedule an appointment with Rachel:

If the appointment calendar on this page doesn't work for you, go directly to Rachel's appointment scheduling page.

Rachel Rivera