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Spotlights for Tritons Abroad Scholarship Recipients

Spotlights: Tritons Abroad 2020 Scholarship Recipients

Our Tritons Abroad Scholarship Recipient Spotlights highlight the experience of Student Success Coaching students and their experiences studying abroad.  Student Success Coaching and Study Abroad created a new scholarship called Tritons Abroad by 2020.  Students were awarded a $1,000 scholarship.

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Scholarship Recipient Spotlights

Jesus Sanchez

3rd Year, Marine Bioloy Major

Study Aborad Program: Origins of the Mind Global Seminar. Summer Session I 2019

Location: St. Andrews, Scotland


What advice do you have for students thinking about abroad?

Utilize all of your resources! I applied to so many scholarships without really knowing if I'd get any...I ended up getting thousands of dollars! Never doubt your ability to impress. Live your life, don't let something as trivial as a price tag get in the way of your experiences.

What resources helped make your trip happen?

The First-Generation Student Success Coaching Program, the Study Abroad Office, the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship Program,STA student travel services, and my network of supportive friends and staff!

What did you learn from your experience abroad?

This experience was life-changing. I learned to admire the differences between American and European cultures. The world is so dynamic and beautiful, explore it.

How did you choose where to go/what program?

I saw a flyer for a Dolphin Cognition Lab and expressed my interest to the professor, just like my coaches taught me. She advised to take one her classes before participating in her lab, and when I found out she was teaching classes abroad I made a last second decision to sign up! I will never regret it!

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