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A Welcome Message from AVC Jeff Orgera

I am excited to introduce the Student Success Coaching Program to UC San Diego.

The Student Retention & Success (SRS) team within the Office of Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs creates programs and services that foster student success, in academics and co-curricularly. The educational opportunities delivered by the SRS team develop the personal, academic, and professional competencies that are critical for successful transition into diverse and global communities.

The Student Success Coaching Program aligns with the priorities of SRS by supporting students in their academic endeavors as well as through co-curricular experiences. The program is focusing on building enriching relationships between coaches and students. UC San Diego has so much to offer students in the way of research, academic exploration, and leadership opportunities, but as a new student to the campus it can be overwhelming. The Student Success Coaching program’s goal is to make our large university easier to navigate on the path toward graduation. Students will work on clarifying their goals and how they would like to accomplish them with their and coach. Using each student’s unique strengths, the program seeks to develop leaders for the future.

While the coaches will serve as a personal mentor, connection, and resource for students, it is the collaboration with the rest of the university that will make the biggest impact on our students. Working collaboratively with academic, department, and major advising, coaches will be able to explore learning styles, preferred areas of study, test preparation, and co-curricular options in great depth. Coaches’ partnership with the Teaching + Learning Commons will connect students with supplemental instruction, the Writing + Critical Expression Hub, workshops and more. The partnerships across campus are wide-ranging, from Study Abroad and Community Resource Centers to internships. I encourage you to utilize every resource at UC San Diego, and your coach will guide you to the right place at the right time.

All the best for a fantastic year. Go Tritons!

Jeff M. Orgera, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice Chancellor Student Retention & Success
University of California, San Diego
Office of Student Affairs