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Find links to recent news stories about U.S. immigration and undocumented students.

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Winter 2017 (Week 10)

California ‘Sanctuary’ Bill Tweaked but Still Faces Pushback

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  • Source: Sacramento TV station, Channel 3
  • Main points:
    • "SB54 would bar police and sheriffs from arresting or detaining people just for immigration violations unless a judge issues a warrant."
    • "State and local law enforcement agencies would not be able to help investigate immigration violations, inquire about someone's immigration status or provide addresses to federal immigration officers."
    • The bill recently was amended to include having California authorities inform immigration officials 60 days before undocumented violent felons are to be released from prison to be ready for deportation.

Trump's Push for 'Merit-Based' Immigration May Not Deliver the Benefits He Expects

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  • Source: Los Angeles Times
  • Main points:
    • President Trump wants to change the system instead of giving priorities to families of U.S. citizens and permanent residents to a merit system based on their contribution to the economy.
    • Economically, in the short-term this could impact U.S.-bon low-wage workers, but long-term it does help the economy grow making up for the shrinking population of working class labor.
    • This could lead to cutting the refugee population in half and limiting overall immigration from 40 to 50 percent in total.

Winter 2017 (Week 9)

President Donald Trump Signs New Travel Ban, Exempts Iraq

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  • Source: CNN
  • Main points:
    • Only the countries of Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen.
    • Syrian refugees will be banned indefinitely for 120 days.
    • This time the ban will not include lawful permanent residents.
    • The new order will not prioritize religious minorities when requesting refugee admission cases.

Trump’s Soft Spot for Dreamers Alienates Immigration Hard-Liners

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  • Source: New York Times
  • Main points:
    • President Trump is willing to have a reform for the Dreamers.
    • Deportations are not targeted towards immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children.
    • Ever since he was inaugurated, Trump has softened up his immigration promises to deport all illegal immigrants.

Bush Breaks Silence on Trump, Urges ‘Welcoming’ Immigration Policy

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  • Source: Fox News
  • Main points:
    • Former President Bush criticizes how Trump has been really unprepared and untactful in terms of picking out executive orders.
    • Bush also talks about the media serves as a check and balance of the President and that Trump should be able to let them report and investigate his administration.

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