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Resources for Undocumented Students

Link to resources for advice and services for UC San Diego undocumented students.

UC resources

Campus counsel

Contact UC San Diego's campus counsel at (858) 822-1236.

Appointments with an attorney

If you are a current UC San Diego student and would like to request an appointment with our attorney, email immiservices@ucsd.edu with the subject "Appointment with Attorney" and include your name and a brief explanation of what you would like to discuss with the attorney.

DACA updates

Statements of support

How to be an ally

Find online resources on how you can be an ally to undocumented students.

Useful information

The National Immigration Law Center offers a wide range of educational materials for immigrant communities and allies on the following topics:

  • DACA
  • Health care
  • Economic support
  • Immigration enforcement
  • Workers rights
  • Education
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Taxes

Find these resources by going on their website, under the ISSUES tab. Some of the resources you will find there are available in multiple languages.

Educators for Fair Consideration hosts a list of guides that provide information and advice for educators and undocumented students. Some of the information that you can find there includes:

  • Financial aid
  • Scholarships
  • Fellowships