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Undocumented Student Services: Meet Our Staff

Photo of friendly faces at UC San Diego's Undocumented Student Services office
  • Daniel Arturo Alfaro Arellano

    Daniel Arturo Alfaro Arellano


    I was born in Queretaro, Mexico and came to the U.S. along with my family as a young child. Once in the U.S., my family and I settled in Escondido, California, where I lived most of my young-adult years.

    I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Counseling from California State University, San Marcos. After receiving my degree, I began organizing in my community, first through the National Latino Research Center and then at Alliance San Diego. Through my community work, I collaborated with various non-profit organizations on community outreach campaigns, providing immigration legal services to immigrants in hard-to-reach places, and sharing best practices among immigrant rights networks.

    In my role as the coordinator of the Undocumented Student Services Center, I seek to provide the undocumented students at UC San Diego a holistic space where they can find resources and support tailored for their needs.

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  • Stephanie M. Estrada

    Stephanie M. Estrada

    Graduate Assistant

    I recently graduated from San Diego State University with a B.A. in Urban Studies and now I am a master’s student in the Student Affairs program at San Diego State University. I am a Research Associate for the Community College Equity Assessment Lab (CCEAL) – Minority Male Community College Collaborative (M2C3) and serve as Associate Managing Editor for the Journal of Applied Research in Community College (JARCC).

    I am currently a Graduate Assistant for the Undocumented Student Services Center (USSC) at UC San Diego. My research focuses on Latina students in postsecondary education; equity and diversity issues; campus climate and culture; college student development and student success outcomes.

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Student Staff

  • Jahaziel Isaac Aguilera

    Jahaziel Isaac Aguilera

    Marketing/Social Media Manager

    I have enjoyed my time so far here at UCSD, and looking forward to my last year as a Triton. The fact that I am undocumented and strive to help others in my situation is what motivated me to be part of this office. I want to make everyone at UCSD feel like they have a place where they can find the support they need to be successful, regardless of their immigration status. When I am not in the office or studying, I like to play guitar and try out new places to eat around the city.

  • Lorenia Gutierrez

    Lorenia Gutierrez

    Outreach Coordinator

    I am a third year Physiology and Neuroscience major and CLAH minor at UCSD. I was born and raised in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. I came to the U.S. as a child and have lived in San Diego ever since. I aspire to attend medical school and become a Family Medicine / Preventive Medicine doctor. My goal is to serve minority, immigrant, and underserved communities that have been historically deprived from healthcare access. As an outreach coordinator at the Undocumented Student Services Center, I will work to provide undocumented students a safe space to grow academically, professionally, and socially by maximizing the awareness of programs and resource available at UCSD. I am here for support and help, just let me know!

  • Luis Cruz Cardoso

    Luis Cruz Cardoso

    Legal Assistant

    It’s been an interesting journey navigating through UCSD. There used to be a time when the resources for undocumented students were very limited and difficult to find. I would be running across campus to different offices each referring me to the other offices, not really getting anywhere. The Undoc Center really helped bring these resources together and give students a place to connect with these resources. Being at the center and having the opportunity to help students connect with the resources that now exist is rewarding.

  • Min Ju Kim

    Min Ju Kim

    Marketing / Social Media Assistant

    As a college student, I am realizing more and more that it is now my responsibility to be fully aware of my situation and do what I need to do, whether it is dealing with the financial aid or adjusting the study habits. This is where the Undocumented Student Services Center reached out to me, helping me to know where to start as a young, undocumented freshman. And now, it is my pleasure to return my gratitude by serving as a part of the Undoc Center. Through the promoting the events held by the Undoc Center, I hope that more people, undocumented or not, come to know the center and take advantage of what it provides. Let’s be a family of our own!