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Alcohol Sanction Information

Alcohol 101 Plus logoAs a condition of your sanction(s) for violating the UC San Diego Student Conduct Code, you must complete this alcohol education program.

The program will take approximately 90 minutes to complete, and will require you to interact with an online tutorial program called Alcohol 101 Plus™, and then to answer a series of questions on the attached worksheet (PDF).


  1. Go to http://www.alcohol101plus.org/campus.

  2. To complete this sanction, you are required to visit the following online areas:

    • First-Year Student Residence

    • Student Residence (click on each person)

    • D.U.I.

    • Administration Building:

      • Wellness Center:

        • "Brain"

        • "Handling a Medical Emergency"

        • "How Does Intoxication Occur?"

        • "How much is too much?"

      • Office of the Dean:

    • Library

    • Virtual Bar

    • B4U Drink Tutorial

  3. Answer the questions on the attached alcohol sanction worksheet (PDF).

  4. Deliver the completed worksheet to the Student Conduct Officer who assigned you the sanction.