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Black Life: Academics

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Student spotlight

Sy Prescott & friend

Sy Prescott
3rd year
International studies

"Some of the friends I made at Revelle during my first year living on campus are my friends to this day. I cherish those friendships and the things we went through together our first year in college."

Fnann Keflezighi

Fnann Keflezighi
3rd year
Ethnic studies

"I love the history of Marshall. I love that it was created through a coalition of BSU and MEChA students, faculty, and staff. I also love that we emphasize being a scholar and citizen, embracing diversity and giving back to our communities."

Amal Dahir Salmar

Amal Dahir Dalmar
1st year
International studies, political science

"Muir provides outlets for students to shape their education by giving the students a lot of choices to fulfill their core requirements."

Kim Tate

Kimberly Tate
3rd year

"I enjoy our sense of community. From our residence halls to our social programming, Sixth College strives to provide students with the tools they need to be happy and healthy."

Gracelynne West

Gracelynne West
4th year
Ethnic studies

"As a biracial, Black student at ERC there have been several programs addressing mentorship and diversity awareness to make me and others feel more welcomed at UCSD."

Dustin Harris

Dustin Harris
2nd year
Biology, pre-med

"I can explore other interests besides the ones I want to pursue as a career. I am taking science classes along with theatre and psychology."

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