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Freedom of Speech and Expression at UC San Diego

Find guidelines and resources for UC San Diego students regarding free speech‚ as it relates to the U.S. Constitution and UC San Diego policies‚ and how to navigate various areas of campus life pertaining to freedom of expression.


Issues pertaining to freedom of speech and expression can be very complicated and confusing. This website is intended only to provide a brief outline about freedom of speech and expression, and is not meant to serve as legal advice. If you are a currently registered UC San Diego student, you may wish to contact Student Legal Services at (858) 534-4374 to schedule an appointment in order to discuss a particular question or issue.

UC San Diego, as a public university, is dedicated to the dissemination of a wide range of information and ideas, and to upholding the principles of free speech and expression. In that regard, UC San Diego is committed to providing space and access to campus resources, for students and other campus affiliates to express their opinions and beliefs. UC San Diego’s policies on speech and expression aim to ensure that students and other campus affiliates can exercise their right to free speech and expression as long as they do not unreasonably disrupt or interfere with university business or violate the rights of others. Access to campus resources is provided in a content-neutral manner, meaning that the subject of an event cannot be a factor in institutional decisions concerning the provision of space to support the event.

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