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Diversity: Undergraduate Research

Find undergraduate research programs that help advance the goals and careers of underrepresented populations.

Working with distinguished UC San Diego faculty members in your field of study, or in any academic discipline that interests you, pays big dividends. Hands-on research provides you with skills beyond those obtained in the classroom—skills that enhance your competitiveness for graduate or professional school admission or high-level employment.

Explore undergraduate research programs:

The CURE Program

Continuing Umbrella of Research Experience—is sponsored by the National Cancer Institute. It was implemented to engage the scientific curiosity and promote the potential cancer research careers of promising young high school and undergraduate students from underserved populations.

The McNair Program

Provides low-income, first-generation undergraduate students and students from groups underrepresented in graduate education with effective preparation for doctoral study.

The CAMP Program

California Alliance for Minority Participation in Science, Engineering and Mathematics provides support and advancement opportunities to ethnically underrepresented students who are seeking bachelor’s degrees in chemistry, physics, cognitive science, biology, other sciences, mathematics, engineering and technology.