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CSI Staff Contacts

To schedule an appointment with an advisor, call (858) 534-7666 or contact the One Stop Desk in person (Price Center East, Level 3).


Communication & Leadership

Community Service

Greek Life

  • Christian Medero

    Christian Medero

    MGC Fraternities & Panhellenic

    Interim Greek Life Advisor
    cmedero@ucsd.edu (858) 534-5936

  • Chloe Leal

    Chloe Leal

    Interfraternity & MGC Sororities

    Greek Life Advisor
    (858) 534-0496

Student Organizations Advising

  • Oscar Lara

    Oscar Lara

    Cultural, Student Affirmative Action Committee (SAAC)
    Interim Associate Director

    (858) 534-1585

  • Jenny Kressel

    Jenny Kressel

    Educational, Health Professions, Media, Political, Pre-Professional
    Student Org Advisor
    (858) 534-0789
  • Kristen Disbro Berg

    Kristen Disbro Berg

    Academic, Cooperative, Dance, Social, Spiritual
    Student Org Advisor & Vendor Fair and Promotions Coordinator
    (858) 534-1577
  • Casey Simon

    Casey Simon

    Program Coordinator & Advisor
    (858) 822-3641

Student Life Business Operations - Fund Managers

Visit the Student Life Business Operation Page for information on your organization's fund manager