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Learn about Presentations OnDemand.


CSI- Communication and Leadership provides presentations and workshops on topics related to public speaking and interpersonal communication.

To request a presentation, submit a request form. A staff member will contact you within 5 to 7 working days to discuss your program goals.

Free training presentations and educational workshops for UC San Diego:

  • Residential Life programs
  • Academic classes
  • Student committees or organizations
  • College Councils
  • Greek Life programs
  • Student staff and leadership training


  • We offer up to 2 free hours of On Demand presenations per group per quarter 
  • Presentations are free of charge for audiences where a majority of the attendees are UCSD registrered students or university faculty/staff who work with UCSD registered students. 
  • Need help planning your own presentation? We now provide 30 minutes of free consultation to interested groups. Please complete the Consultation Request Form and our staff will review your request and be in touch to schedule your complimenatary conslutation appointment!

Program topics

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Be the CEO of You!

In this highly interactive session, participants will gain experience on how to pitch their strengths and accomplishments, establish a professional network, and learn the basics of professional communication for career development.

Public Speaking: Yes You Can!

This workshop will provide participants with an overview of public speaking skills and best practices. In this interactive session, students will understand the tools necessary to speak confidently and prepare professional presentations. In addition, participants will learn about effective nonverbal communication, visual aids, techniques for overcoming stage fright and anxiety, and tips for preparation.

Small Talk: The Art of Initiating Relationships

Small talk can make or break a potential connection. It is the first form of communication we often have with new contacts and our “way in” to new interpersonal and professional relationships. Learn effective strategies for engaging in small talk that will lead to more meaningful interactions and put your skills into practice.

Teamwork and Problem Solving

Focusing on teamwork, decision-making, and negotiation, students will work through one of two interactive scenarios and put their critical thinking and problem solving skills to the test. Choose between:

  • Zombie Apocalypse, a modern take on the classic bomb shelter activity (1 hour)

Time Management

How many of us say, “If only I had time to…[fill in the blank].” Well, you do! If it’s a high priority project or some meaningful relationship building time or just making time to go to the gym, this session will give you all the tools to make time to get it done or learn how to let it go. Gain tips on how to make the things most important to you a priority and how to move the unnecessary time fillers into lower priority time slots or how to delete them from your calendar altogether.

True Colors

This workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to understand personality style and how it impacts communication in group settings and personal or professional relationships. In this interactive session, students will take a self-assessment, gain awareness of individual personality styles, and understand the factors that influence group performance.

Build Your Own!

Need a workshop that is not listed? We are more than happy to work with you to design a workshop of your choosing. Previous workshops have covered topics such as handling conflict, effective facilitation skills, equity mindedness, and leadership for social change. Contact us at ccl@ucsd.edu to set up an appointment to Build Your Own! On Demand workshop today.

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